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Why CAA Is Important

Monday was starting off a nice day. Got to sleep in, had my coffee and got ready to go for my 2nd lesson with Young Drivers.

The lesson went great. My instructor got called a few choice words (jokingly) as he decided to take me on the Queensway and downtown Ottawa. Young Drivers post coming later though. This is about CAA.

On my way home with my instructor he tells me he believes I could go for my test now and pass. Awesome but I want to get some more driving time in and I still have one more lesson with him. So I decide I will book my test for the end of the month.

Monday evening we get a baby sitter so I can go out and practice parking as it is currently my biggest weakness. It always takes me at least twice to park the car properly. We spend about 20 minutes practicing then decide to go to the Tim Hortons to grab coffee and head home as we told the sitter we would be home at 7:30.

When pulling into the Tim Hortons some ***** is wanting to turn left onto the street. I come to a complete stop to let him go first. Great for him you would think since I am stopping all traffic for him. Nope he refuses to budge. So I turn into this VERY narrow path and end up taking the curb.

We go inside to get our coffees and are inside for about 5 minutes. Come back out and as I am doing my “check” of the vehicle I spot this.

flat tire

Tobei tells me he will drive up to the gas station which is just up the street. I tell him no and that we pay for CAA for a reason. So he calls CAA and I called the sitters mother to come pick me up so her daughter can go home. As we are waiting for saving I am telling Tobei I quit driving. First go round of driving I end up with no brakes. Second time, dead car and now this. In fact I shared these stories and more in my blog post beginning my driving journey.. again if you would like to take a read.

Thankfully when CAA showed up (took awhile as it was after all a holiday) we found out this was NOT MY FAULT. It ends up we had a nail in the tire (would explain the low pressure light on the dashboard) and when I took the curb it was just the right angle to dislodge the nail. I was very happy to hear this.

So ladies and gentlemen. Go get yourself CAA. Not only can you get great discounts on hotels, attractions etc. but it sure can come in handy when your car breaks down on you or you become friends with a nail. I bought it for peace of mind and was grateful for it. I was also thankful that this happened in a Tim Hortons parking lot. If you are going to be stranded might as well be at the coffee shop with free Wi-Fi.

P.S. I just realized this totally sounds like a sponsored post. It is NOT a sponsored post. It is one mother to her readers sharing why she thinks everyone should have CAA based on it coming in handy last night.

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  1. Just so you know…if you ever need caa and don’t have it, or you accidentally let your membership expire (*ahem*) you can call, join, and then be transferred directly to dispatch…good people over there at CAA!

  2. It sounds like CAA is what we call AAA here in the US. When I locked my keys in my car at Walmart last month, AAA was there to help me out! I also booked my Disney trip through them because their prices are a bit discounted. They also have discounted movie tickets and tickets for amusements parks, etc.

    • Yes CAA is what you guys call AAA. Funny thing is we never had it but then I found out they had a military discount. That is the only reason I got it. Now I am going to make sure we keep it. Also going to get myself a membership when I get my licence since it goes with the driver and not the car.

  3. I have often thought about getting CAA….but never followed through

  4. I love that this isn’t a sponsored post, we’ve used CAA for years and swear by them.

  5. Oh I agree CAA can be a total lifesaver. We bought it for my mom and it helped her to keep driving safely as a senior.

  6. So glad that you had CAA. I’ve only had to use them twice but glad that they were there. I’ve written a few posts that sound like sponsored ones. Too funny.

    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo

  7. CAA is so worth it I have used it lot’s! Locking your keys in your car once pays for it!

  8. Well I happen to work for CAA so I might be a little bias but, yes, a CAA membership is worth every penny! And yes CAA and AAA are one in the same (that’s why your coverage is valid across North America).

  9. I should get some kind of coverage like this, just in case. My last vehicle came with it and it was a live saver when I ran out of gas less than half a mile from the gas station! 🙂

  10. We have AAA and it has saved us a few times when it came to dead batteries!

  11. We had a problem a few weeks ago with my hubby’s car breaking down, we have towing on our car insurance but found out that it may be cheaper for us to have AAA. So we may be switching it over. Thanks for the information!

  12. That sounds like a great program! We don’t have AAA…yet. But i”d love to get it eventually when the husband gets a solid job. Right now thankfully our car insurance has free road side assistance so that definitely offers me some peace of mind.

  13. Totally canceled my CAA membership when we bought our Tucson because Hyundai had a plan. I thought the plan was good for as long as we owned it but boy was I wrong! We had a flat the other day and they told me the coverage had expired… A $65 tow later and I wish I still had my CAA! Signing back up this week!

  14. We have CAA and just used it last week when my hubby’s car broke down on the way home from work. They just charge his credit card, which makes renewing painless.

  15. I am 100% clueless with cars. I really need this!

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