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Where were you? Remembering 9/11 A Survivors Story

Do you remember where you were? I do and I will never forget. I was sleeping as I had the day off from work and woke up to find out the horrible news all over the TV. Tobei, he had just moved and was in the process of unpacking. His phone rang and it was work telling him to get in immediately. For me the next few weeks was a nightmare of being glued to the tv, news and magazines. For Tobei it was a whirlwind of work and very little sleep.

For Adriann that day was a living nightmare. The days, months and years following have been coping with and learning to deal with what happened to her that day.

Who is Adriann you ask? Adriann is a member of an online community I belong to who was in the towers when they were struck. After starting counselling she shared us what happened that day. When I started this blog she allowed me to share with everyone her story. Please take the time to read that post.

Adriann’s Story – A 9/11 Survivor

Thank you for taking the time to click the above link and reading Adriann’s Story.

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  1. I’ll never forget where I was or who I was with (my old job). I remember that it was my mom who called me at work to tell me about the first plane. Then she called me back shortly afterwards when the second plane hit. Myself and my co-workers went to the atrium of the building and watched the news until the towers fell. I think just about everyone cried and eventually, they just sent us all home because no one knew what was happening at that point and everyone wanted to be with their loved ones. It was such a horrible day and it feels like just yesterday.

  2. I remember where my mother and brother were… in the air on the way to Chicago O’Hare (enroute to Alaska). They ended up staying in Chicago for one week and then heading home. Thankfully, they ended up making it to Alaska (a few years later) but I still think of all those that won’t ever make it. Besos, Sarah

  3. I will never forget where I was or what I was doing on the day the world changed forever….

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