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What a nice day to spend as a family.

Today was gorgeous. Sun was out, temperature was 17 and the wind was no where to be felt. We had a great day. Our day looked a little like this.

– Tobei and little man played at the park (there is a park in our backyard), for 2.5 hours today and let mommy sleep in. They even brought out the patio set and summer toys and started washing them down.
– Little man slept for THREE hours. This doesn’t happen much anymore.
– More park time, put together his new wagon then we went to the big park in our area.
– Home for dinner.
– Walk to Tim Horton’s and brought the dog with us.
– Bed time for little man.

It was a wonderful day spent with the family and outside. I could not have asked for a better day. Now tomorrow we got errands to run and cleaning to do for the Easter Bunny to come visit. Weather is supposed to stay nice the entire long week-end.

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  1. Whoa…screech…I just reread your post here and where I thought you were happily commemorating a sunny day by saying it was 71 out, you were actually saying it was gorgeous and 17. Holy mother of frigid temps. I do not even consider 17 degrees breathable or livable air temp. Hopefully, you are talking Canadian and it really means 71. Right? I can’t go out to the park unless it’s at least 63 degrees. Maybe it’s just old bones.

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