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What a week

I don’t think I have ever been any happier to see the week-end. Yes we all look forward to the week-end but this week I thought it was never going to get here. Tobei was away on a course for his work which meant I was home alone with the kids. Here is how our week went.

Monday – Family day which means no school so Big Brother is home and bored. We are stuck in the house as Little Brother it ends up has a banana intolerance and exploding diapers everywhere.

Tuesday – Big Brother was puking all through the night so is staying home from school. Little Brother still with exploding diapers requiring many baths and has a nasty rash on his butt thanks to it.

Wednesday – Big Brother still puking so still home. Little Brother starting to get over his little intolerance kick. Mommy herself feels like crap. Ends up in bed at 9:30. This NEVER happens. Took everything I had to make it trough the day. Dinner that night was oatmeal for the boys and rice for me.

Thursday – Thank GOD tomorrow is Friday and Tobei will be home. Big Brother finally gets to go to school. Today was supposed to be my spa day but since the boys were sick and the spa requires 48 hours notice I had cancelled my appointment. Today I also tried really hard to not have a single cigarette. This caused me to want everyone to burn in hell and I end up on the bathroom floor crying. Text friend to come to my rescue with a pack of smokes. DON’T JUDGE!

Friday – OMG we made it to Friday, did we really just survive this week. Yes we did!!! Plan is for Big Brother to go to school, Little Brother to go to my friends for the day so mommy can get a break she really needs. Well cue the darn freezing rain and cancelled school bus. Looks like we are all home together for the day.

Friday 7:20 pm – DADDY IS HOME!!!!!!! Hello week-end I thought we would never meet.

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  1. Well, at least you all made it out alive!! My kids were on February vacation last week, so I will be doing a happy dance on Monday morning when they go back to school on Monday!

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