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Our Wedding Reception

Wow going through all the pictures for these posts to share our wedding was a handful. So many great pictures but did not want to overwhelm you all. We have made out to the final post in Our Wedding series, I hope you have enjoyed the read.

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Our Wedding Reception

After the wedding ended we headed over to the Museum of Nature to get wedding pictures taken. We are huge Tim Horton’s fans in this house and as mentioned in part 2 of this series we love our coffee. We were all craving a coffee by this point and to our surprise just as we arrived at the Museum of Nature we found Tim Horton’s setting up their community tent. Free coffee all around, it was so perfect our guests thought I had actually arranged this. I WISH!

We took a break outside the museum so everyone could enjoy their coffee and headed in for pictures. I really wanted to share pictures with you all but there was too many to choose from. I instead chose to go with a handful of pictures that represented the moments of the day instead. I’m sorry.

We headed back to the wedding venue and started off the reception portion with our first dance. We had picked My Best Friend by Tim McGraw as it suited us and our relationship perfectly. After the first dance I danced with my dad to I Loved Her First by Heartland, Tobei surprised his mom by bringing her out on the dance floor halfway through the song. She cried the entire time, it was so sweet.

We followed up with the obligatory cutting of the cake and speeches. I did pretty darn good of holding myself together until it was Tobei’s turn. Then on came the waterworks. I believe after his speech I told him I hated him lol.

We were heading to Al’s Steakhouse to treat all our guests to dinner but before we did that we had one more thing we had to do. Big Brother has been bugging us to go to Disney for 2 years now. I promised him that once we all had the same last name we would celebrate by doing just that. So as the speeches were winding down my friend Sarah brought out a bag I was hiding in the back room to make the announcement to the kids that we were going to Disney. It went over really well and The Oldest was totally shocked as he had 100% no idea that he would be coming to Disney with us.

I must say if you have not been to Al’s Steakhouse before you are missing out. The food was AMAZING and so was the service. They had 3 weddings going on that night and you would not know it. We were all treated as if we were the only guests there. Two thumbs up from us and our guests. Bonus points to the waitress who kept our wedding coffee mugs filled up for us.

Bride and Groom Coffee Mugs

To end our evening the kids went home with Nanny and Tobei and I along with a few of our close friends hit up Casino Lac Leamy. I hadn’t been there in years and boy has it changed. They are going through major renovations right now and though they are only half way through I am already impressed. On the night we were there we had found they ditched the cramped little bar they used to have and opened up a bigger bar area with a dance floor in the middle of the casino floor. There was even live music that night which was pretty awesome.

Casino Lac Leamy Fun

We had an amazing time at the casino and everywhere we went there were congratulations being thrown our way. If you want to feel special and stand out I suggest wearing a wedding dress to the casino. Though I would love to share the antics of the night, I don’t think it would be very appropriate. Let’s just say my friends and I can be a fun bunch to hang around where PG language is thrown out the window.

All in all we had an amazing wedding day surrounded by those we love and hold close to our hearts. We are so happy with how everything came together and the day totally screamed us.

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  1. It was an absolutely perfect day. One that will hold a special place in my memory for the rest of my life. I couldn’t be more proud of my wife, my children and our life together. You’re my everything sweetheart. *kiss*

  2. YAY for Disney! We are going in August and I am SO excited. Let me know if you have any questions.

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