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Tips on giving your partner the perfect gift on special occasions

In married life, one of the things that must never be forgotten is celebrating special occasions with our significant other. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding anniversary or Valentine’s, these important dates in our lives always call for a celebration. But our hectic schedules and busy lifestyles could easily get in the way of commemorating these events. If not a night river cruise or a fancy dinner date, we end up giving gifts as a way of making these occasions extraordinary.

Purchase a gift that your partner wants

Giving gifts is one tradition that will never cease, whether it’s for an anniversary, Valentine’s Day or Thanksgiving. One golden rule here is that the gift should always be about the receiver, not the giver – which means that you should buy a present that your partner wants, not something that you want them to have. As a tip, pay keen attention to the comments that your partner makes on certain items while shopping. Take a photo of an item that your partner has enthusiastically commented on, then buy the same one as your gift for an upcoming occasion.

Consider giving out fruit baskets

fruit basket

Especially for wedding anniversaries and birthday celebrations, fruit hampers have become a viable and less pricey gift alternative for a lot of couples. Fruit baskets have traditionally featured oranges, bananas, grapes and the like, but there are stores that that are now offering uncommon fruit selections. Jumbo King Strawberries, a rare strawberry variety viewed by Marks & Spencer fruit hamper expert Bill Davies as an aphrodisiac, is fast becoming a much used item for these kinds of gift packages.

Celebrate with a bottle of wine

wine and wine glasses

Finally, capping off an important occasion wouldn’t be complete without a special toast of red wine. There is a wide array of wines that couples can choose: from sweet and fruity wines like the Gamay and the Zinfandel, to spicy and strong ones such as the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Lemberger. Any stay-at-home dinner date becomes extra special whenever you exchange a toast of an oak aged red wine with your special someone.

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  1. My husband is usually really thoughtful about giving gifts, but lately we’ve been going with a new thing – picking out a joint gift. Like this past Christmas, we got new iphones for each other instead of an actual gift under the tree. It was something we both needed, so it worked out.

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