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Time Magazine Are You Mom Enough My $0.02

time magazine are you mom enough

If you have been on the internet at all in the past 24 hours you have seen this cover of Time magazine and you have probably read an article, blog post or facebook discussion on it. It is everywhere and you can not avoid it. I tried but I have been sucked in. So here is MY $0.02 on this cover.

First thing that grabbed my attention was the “Are You Mom Enough?”. Really what kind of title is that. Who is to say if I am mom enough on anything. Once again I believe this article is going to feed into the mommy wars and make those who don’t breastfeed feel like utter shit. I am so fed up of the breast versus formula arguments. In fact I addressed it all in a post I wrote a while back called Parenting, is there really a right and wrong way?

To quickly address the age of the boy in the picture which has many people up in arms. Myself, I think once a child can walk up to you and clearly ask for your breast it is time to wean. HOWEVER that is MY opinion and holds no weight on what others decide to do when it comes to how long they will breastfeed their child. Not my business, unless your child is now in college.

Now here is my BIG ISSUE with this picture, one I find many are over looking. Bullying is a HUGE problem in our society and the internet never forgets. One day in the future classmates of this innocent precious little boy will come across this picture. They will print it out and they will tease the boy and possibly bully him.

His mother decided to make a stand in a big magazine and did not think about future repercussions for her son. THAT is my problem. Everything else I can overlook. However I feel sorry for this little boy in his future school years. Not because he is still being breastfed but because his mother made it very public and had him pose for a picture for time magazine.

Yes we all want breastfeeding to not be a big deal and 100% accepted in society. However boys will be boys and that will never change. Now I wonder, did she even think of how this will affect her son in school when his peers stumble upon it in the future?

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  1. I am more concerned about the future for this boy then the breast feeding for sure. You make many good points.

  2. Honestly, I am so upset that this boy has this photo that is going to haunt him for his entire life – we all know how mean bullies can be – that I can’t even think about AP or Breastfeeding. So what does that say about the intentions of the mother or the magazine?

  3. I had the exact same thoughts as you. Raise your kids how you see fit, their your kids not mine. That said this kid will not be able to run for public office…EVER!

  4. The mother was looking for publicity and thinking only of herself. I breastfed all my children and did so as private moments of bonding between the child and myself. The in-your-face breastfeeders are the ones, I think, creating the problems. That said, once a child can stand on his own and ask for the breast, he’s way past weaning. Don’t use that old Third-World country excuse. They breastfeed that long because they can’t get or keep a calcium source any other way, and it’s their custom. There’s a chasm of difference between breastfeeding your baby when visiting by going into another room and insisting everyone present has to watch because you’re looking for center stage. Sorry. I feel very strongly about anyone who insists you have to live your life their way because that’s where they are, at the moment. I’ve lived long enough to know people’s views change and, guess what?, now you’re supposed to do this next thing they’re doing, even if it’s totally opposite from where they stood before. Women should be allowed to choose to breastfeed, or not, and no one else should make that decision for her. That said, she needs to think about others, as well.

  5. Lipstick says:

    I chanced into this blog from google…
    I second your thoughts on what the boy will feel? Will he not be embarrassed once he is a little bigger? I was about to write about this aspect today….being an outcast is so painful.

    Personally I think time magazine wanted to up the sales by shocking people into buying the copy.

    Nice post.

  6. Oh a hot topic! I belive breast vs bottle is a Mamas choice as is when to stop but your right, when this little boy is 12 or 13 and his peers get their hands on this photo it will be tough!

  7. I love your point of affecting the son when he’s older. So true, so sad. Thinking of my kids first is what makes me “mom enough” in my opinion. As far as breastfeeding? I really could care less how long someone else breastfeeds for, it’s none of my business. I admit looking at this cover and my first thought went to “OMG that is just perverted looking” It made me uncomfortable. Then I stepped back to address the “why” behind it making me uncomfortable, for I was a breastfeeding mom to all 3 kids, and yet that’s all this mom is doing. It dawned on me, in America we tend to sexualize the body way too much and in turn we get perverted thoughts (so to speak lightly on that term) so we become uncomfortable with something that honesty is perfectly “natural”. I just agree that it doesn’t need to be flashed all over for if you really thought you were a “great” parent then you would not need the attention from the cover of a magazine to prove that.

  8. I’m with you Nolie on every single point. To each his own, but to me, when they can walk up to you and ask for the breast, they are probably old enough to drink from a cup.

    I feel sorry for this child later in life. It is SO unfair of this mother to do this to him.

  9. My first thought on this cover (after immediate revulsion), was that poor little boy. I am very selective in the pictures I will publish of my daughter. For me any shot for publication which includes her must be something she won’t be embarrassed by when she is older. How the hell could he possibly not be embarrassed by this pic. He is almost as big as she is and hanging off her boob. Poor kid is in for a rough road.

  10. I agree. Plus, as one who thinks that breastfeeding ’til 4-5 is NORMAL for most of the world and only not here because we’ve chosen to make it that way – I feel that there is something “off” about this photo. If a mama wants to nurse her 3- or 4-year-old son, fine. (I have plenty of friends who nurse their children at LEAST ’til they’re almost three, so this doesn’t especially strike me as strange.) But this doesn’t strike me as a breastfeeding photo. It strikes me as kiddie porn. There is just something hypey and wrong about this photo that belies the supposed message.

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