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The Great Snowball Fight

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According to the news we have received 65cm of snow so far this winter. That is a lot of snow. It has made for not very fun walks to the bus stop. In fact yesterday I ran Little Brother into a snow bank twice trying to get to the bus stop.

Well today I had a friend over and she watched Little Brother as I brought Big Brother to the bus stop for school. Seeing as we had a few minutes to wait and it was just the two of us I decided to have a snowball fight.

In all honesty Big Brother started. He was throwing loose snow at me as I stood there. So being the stick up for myself kind of woman I am I declared war. It was time for a great snowball fight.

We were having a great time throwing snowballs and dodging from them when I saw the bus coming. I told Big Brother time to stop as the bus was coming. The bus pulls up and opens the door. I am standing there all innocently when he throws another snowball at me before going to get on the bus. “Enough now, time to get on the bus”. “Oh one more Big Brother” yells the bus driver. So he throws one more at me and runs on the bus giggling.

Who the heck let the bus driver on Big Brothers side?

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  1. Ahahahaha – that’s awesome. It’s little things like that the kids are going to remember for a long, long time to come.

  2. That is completely hilarious! You should have thrown one at the bus driver!

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