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The 5 Decisions That I Will Never Regret

I have a really bad habit of coming up with post ideas and then never getting around to write them. So tonight I sit here and I am tired, have had a week and a half that just seems to drag on and I am bored. So I think “Hey I know I should write a blog post” but even that has me all meh as I am too tired to think.

So just for fun I opened up my drafts and came across this link I saved back in October from my friends blog The Rebel Chick. That encouraged me to write this post and give you something to read. Enjoy!

The 5 Decisions That I will Never Regret

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1. Dropping out of high school.
I know, you are probably thinking how could someone not regret dropping out of high school. Well that one is easy. I went back to high school when I was in my late 20’s and I had Big Brother who was a year old. I did it through correspondence and started it while Tobei was deployed. Though it took me 3 years to complete it I did it. Not only did I complete high school in my late 20’s while raising my son but I graduated with highest honours. Tobei makes sure to hang that diploma above my desk every time we move. I would not have graduated with highest honours when I was a teenager and I would not be as proud of it as I am now.

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2. My Ex 
Those who know the story would wonder how I could not regret him. It is a nasty story of abuse with him but I do not regret him. Thanks to my Ex I have an amazing smart little boy known as Big Brother. Thanks to him I met Tobei who is every woman’s dream. He is an amazing husband, father and is my best friend. Thanks to my ex I can fully appreciate all that I have now. Who knows where I would be if I had not met him. Also thanks to my Ex I know I am braver and stronger than I once thought possible for leaving him and overcoming everything I have.

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3. Not Communicating with Family Members
I hear so much about family drama and I am happy to have that at a minimal. A few years ago my mom’s side of the family found one another. It was a short-lived happy time. The drama the family is known for quickly came into play and these people started being VERY mean to my mother. After having my mom cry for hours on the phone (I was living in another city at the time) I let her go and took to e-mail and Facebook. These so-called family members got quite the nasty messages from me and we wrote them out of our lives. Every family fights but this was beyond that. This was angry people trying to place their blame somewhere it didn’t belong. I will never regret the decision to not have them in my lives. I have my chosen family, those who love us, support us and are always there for us. That is what family is really about.

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4. Meeting a stranger from a phone dating line at 16.
I was 16 and bored and hanging out on a phone dating line. Back then it was what can now be known as a chat room. There was a guy I was talking to for a while and we got along great. I decided to go meet him. It was in public, downtown at a super busy mall. I told my mother who was against the idea. I went anyways. Lucky for me he was not some psycho serial killer. In fact he is now one of my best friends of 14 years and the god-father of my children.

being me

5. Being me.
I will never regret being me. I say it how it is. If you do me wrong you know it and if you need me I am there in a heart beat. Some say I am too harsh. My own “sister” says I am sometimes harsh and brutally honest. However even she admits that I mean it from the goodness of my heart and that sometimes all you need is a bit of brutal honesty. I may make you cry with the truth but it’s because I care and I will then be a shoulder for you to cry on should I make you cry.

What decisions do you not regret? Leave a comment or feel free to write your own post and link up below.

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  1. Great post! I should do this, too 🙂

  2. Great post! I agree with you on dropping out of high school. I did it in grade 11 took half a year off, learned that it was a mistake and went back to school with a new drive and determination. You my dear are awesome!

  3. I love your 5 things! There are family members that I don’t speak to..and I have NO regrets about that either. 🙂

  4. Amazing post!! You SHOULD be proud of yourself for going back and finishing high school! That’s a huge accomplishment and sadly, so many people never actually make it back to finish.

    And – I don’t regret my ex, either. I mean, I’d love to punch him in the face every single time I see him, but if it weren’t for him – I wouldn’t have the two most amazing boys of all time. I figure that everything happens for a reason!

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