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How to Store Kids Work

Last week I mentioned kids school pictures and school work. Here’s a great way to keep them organized without spending hours scrapbooking or redoing your whole wall frame collections. It seems so basic, but many parents struggle with kids paper clutter.
Starting with the time the kids are able to hold a crayon and attend weekly story time at the library, they bring home papers, coloring sheets, artwork, special poems and of course the annual school picture. Some parents keep every piece of paper and store it all in a box in the garage. Others simply add the papers to the kitchen counter to the point that you can’t even see the surface.

How To Store Kids Work

Find some Unused Pizza Boxes

One family would ask for donations from the local pizza shop and assign one for each child. They could keep any art projects they wanted, as long as it fit in the pizza box. The child had the opportunity to decorate the box and add their name and date. Then the boxes would be stacked in a closet with the year and name showing on the end.

Assign a Tote for each child

I know one family who bought a tote for each child and put a label on the tote. Anytime the child made an art project, brought home special assignments from school or church they would put them in the tote. If the tote started to get too full, they would go through and cull out the papers and make room for the new work.

Make a Picture Album – the Easy Way!

I have a 3 ring binder with the plastic inserts. Every year when the kids bring home a new school picture, I just drop it in the next plastic page and jot down the date on the back. This way I know exactly where the school pictures are and I can enjoy watching their pictures change each year.

How do you keep up with the kids school work and special papers? I’d love to hear!

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  1. I actually buy those art portfolios. One for each kid per year.

  2. I have two school aged kids which means I have a lot of art work and school pictures. I like the Photo album idea!

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