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As a long time Ottawa Senators fan I have been to my fair share of games. Every game I see Spartacat but have never got to meet him. Many times I have gotten close but that is it. This past week-end my family attending the Toy and Game Expo and I finally got to cross meeting Spartacat off my bucket list. I am one happy Sens fan.


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  1. Hee hee! Glad you finally met him 😛

  2. That’s awesome. Gotta love checking things off the bucket list.

  3. Awwww – aren’t you cute. Glad you finally had a chance to meet him!

  4. You make a cute couple 🙂
    Hope hubby doesn’t get jealous 😉

  5. Ha! Now he looks like a fun cat!

  6. Very cool! Congratulations

  7. Looks like a fun time

  8. How FUN to meet Spartacat! You must have been star struck! 🙂

  9. Carolyn G says:

    How cute!!

  10. I’m just a big kid who loves meeting mascots – so cool!

  11. That must have been a fun moment for you. Cute photo

  12. That’s so cute! My oldest was in an Ottawa Senators jersey when he was just a few months old courtesy of his uncle. Certainly got a reaction from the prairie folk! Lol

  13. Yay! Glad you finally got it checked off!

  14. Yay! So happy for you – that is a TALL cat!! 🙂

  15. So cool! I always love seeing the mascots roaming around at events!

  16. Now *that’s* a cat you can party with. He’s huge!

  17. Well that looks like fun! Our local sports mascot Gainer (Go Riders) is at pretty much every event we have in town!

  18. Great fun! Reminds me of the fun we had trying to get pics with the characters at Disney. Good memories!

  19. Great photo! Glad you got to take a picture with SpartaCat!

  20. Yeah!! So glad you had the chance to meet him!! Great photo!

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