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School Memories Blog Hop

As I start my journey of schooling for a parents perspective I can’t help but remember school myself as a student. More specifically high school, it was full of wonderful teachers and wonderful memories.


We had Mr. Eyamie who was the drama teacher, wrestling coach and so much more. He was a big name at our school involved in so many parts. I remember having a crush on a boy in grade 9. Well Mr. Eyamie noticed this and called me out right in front of the boy and both our sets of friends. I was so embarrassed but today I laugh about it. He was a great teacher who cared about all his students and tried to be both a teacher and a friend. Though you knew your boundaries with him.

Then we had Mr. Dagenais. He was our principal. He came in caring about his students and teaching us to make a difference. He made a huge impact in my school life. When they tried to send him to a new school I participated with hundreds of students as we “Ditched the day for Dagenais” in protest to keep our principal who pulled our school together and encouraged us all to be the best we can be.

My favourite teacher of all though for some reason I can not remember his name. He was my Grade 11, 12 and 13 accounting teacher. He understood everyone learns differently and allowed us all to learn the way that best suit us. I remember the day I dropped out of high school. He chased me down the halls convincing me to not drop out. He went to all my teachers and struck deals with them that if I did ABC they would pass me. He worked his butt off to get me to stick out those last 2 weeks and graduate. Of course I was 16 and stubborn and dropped out anyways to then wait another 14 years to finally get my diploma. I will never forget what he did for me though and will always wish I had listened to him.

I have many great memories from high school. It helped mold me to be who I am today and I am so happy I attended that school which had so many wonderful caring teachers. Teachers will do make all the difference in one’s experience with school.

I’m participating in the Our Kids Private School Expo Blog Hop.  Yesterday’s School Memories post  can be found at Tales of a Ranting Ginger.

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  1. I have lots of great memories from when I went to school. I also have a few not so good ones 🙁

  2. Thanks for sharing, Nolie. It sounds like you really had an amazing high school experience.

  3. I loved your stories. It is really amazing what an incredible impact teachers could have. I hope you will drop by and read my story when it goes live Oct. 6th.

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