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Repurpose to Stay Organized

Sorry for the break with Homemaker Monday. Crazy life got in the way. But we are back so read, enjoy and LINK UP!

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If you are like me, you understand that money is often tight. I have to operate on a strict budget to have money for things that are important – like a wedding this summer! But that doesn’t mean I want my house to be a messy, disorganized hovel. Here are 3 everyday items that we can repurpose to stay organized without spending a fortune.


Most kids have tons of toys with small pieces. Toys like LEGO bricks, Polly Pockets, Hot Wheels and Little People often end up spread all over the room. It takes a long time for little hands to pick up all these pieces. Give them a MAGIC scooper and the chore transforms into a fun game. You can pick up bright colored dustpans at most dollar stores for a buck! Use a sharpie or stickers to decorate the scooper with their name and some stars!

Over the Door Shoe Storage

Tired of stuffed animals littering the kids rooms? Use an over the door shoerack as a storage unit. The animals can be hung, stuck or pocketed in the shoe pockets or on the hooks inside a closet. The kids can easily see them all but they no longer have to be stuffed in a pet net or end up on the floor.

This shoe rack can also be used to hang bags of toys, scarves, belts or even gloves and hats. If you have one with pockets instead of hooks, use it to hold spices, jello packs or koolaid mixes in a pantry.

Sports Card or Craft Boxes

If you have outgrown a craft or sports card hobby and have the plastic boxes collecting dust in your garage, turn them into medicine storage. The pockets in the plastic boxes are perfect for sorting band aids, medicine bottles or tubes of first aid cream. You can keep the box in the medicine cabinet for easy access to the first aid supplies that often get lost in the bottom of the cabinet.

Do you have a homemaker tip that will help us stay organized? I’d love to hear!

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  1. We do the over the door storage thing and it works nicely I Have to say.

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