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Red Friday Feature: Air Force. Wife. Life.

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This week I introduce you to Mrs. Sergeant from Air Force. Wife. Life. She is yet another example of the strength it takes to be a military spouse and the friendships that come with it.

Twitter: @Mrs_Sergeant

Who is the serving member in your family?
The serving member in my family is my super awesome husband Mr. Sergeant

How long has your family been apart of the military?
Mr. Sergeant has been a part of the military family for 12 years, I have been a military spouse for 6; weadded our mil-brats 6 & 3 years ago respectively.

What does it mean to you to be a military family?
Being a military family means so much. There are so many things I can say but I don’t want to write anovel so here is a cliffnote version. LOL It means that no matter where I am in this world I am neveralone. There is always someone to call, to cry to, to help, to pray for, and to get to know. It meansthat life is never predictable. You are constantly adjusting, changing, organizing, moving, learning, andgrowing as a person, and also as a family.

What do you wish the public knew about military families?
That it’s not easy. It’s not a piece of cake. That a military member doesn’t get overpaid; we havefinancial struggles just like everyone else. That we live hard lives and that saying oh it’s not that rough isnot a nice thing to say to a person who has a spouse deployed, TDY’d, or just not at home for whateverreason. Oh my favorite to hear is you’re fine, just get over him being gone and live life.

What is the hardest part of being a military family?
The hardest part is when he is gone. When Mr. Sergeant is MIA on duty our whole family dynamicchanges; he is my rock. When I don’t have him to lean on I don’t have anything… at least I havemoments that I feel that way sometimes. There are days that go so horribly wrong and all I want isa hug from my husband and a baby it’s going to be okay… Things that non-military spouses take forgranted… Those are the hardest things.

What is the best part of being a military family?
The best part of being a military family is that we’re just that a family. We literally have family all overthe world that even though we don’t know them personally we know them. We share the same fears,triumphs, failures, tears, and laughter. It’s an amazing feeling to know that in this life I am a part ofsomething so much bigger than I can realize. That’s why I love being a military spouse blogger. Myexperiences and the experiences of other mil-spouses are shared and we are here for each other throughgood & bad.

Any tips for other military families out there especially those new to the life?
Do I have tips for other military families? Sure. Enjoy yourself. The life you have chosen to lead as amilitary spouse will at times be exciting but also it’s not one to be taken lightly. Your Sig Other has madean oath to protect our country and you as his spouse have made an oath to support him/her in thatundertaking. Another thing, always try to have an open mind; I know this may be hard, but in the longrun it will help. You may not always get the best orders, but keep that chin up and make it into the bestorders. Get to know other spouses in your community, remember we’re here to help one another. My last and final tip is never take a moment with your spouse for granted. Not one kiss, one hug, one lovingglance, a joke that only you two think is funny; enjoy them & savor those moments because when thatspouse isn’t there it’s going to be those moments that help keep you going.

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  1. It would be hard to be married to a military man.
    I agree with the tip in the last paragraph to ENJOY yourself.
    Totally true. Live life to the fullest. You only got one life to live anyway…

    And sorry for the soap reference. *sigh*

  2. thanks for joining mailbox monday i’m a longtime confirmed email subscriber. (late but i always follow thru!!)

  3. I’m sure the military life is a very difficult one!
    Great interview:)

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