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Be Prepared for Unexpected Storms

As Moms, we are supposed to be ready for anything. If our son needs a clean uniform for picture day, Mom’s are expected to find the dirty jersey under the bed and have it clean and ready before breakfast. Spirit Week at school? Moms’ need to have crazy socks, hats and team shirts ready for each child. No matter what our kids throw at us, we are usually able and expected to pull it together. But sometimes we forget to be prepared for weather related emergencies.

How To Be Prepared With Kids for Unexpected Storms

Here are a few things that we need to do now so we’ll be ready for late winter ice or early Spring thunder.

Check the Batteries

This is the perfect time to go through the battery drawer and make sure all the flashlights are working and placed in easy to find locations. I keep one in my drawer by the bed as well as one in each child’s bedroom. Headlights or headlamps from Energizer are a great addition to any flashlight collection. They are hands free and work great to light up an entire room if the power goes out.

Keep Glowsticks Ready

If the lights go out right around bedtime, most kids won’t want to go to their own bed – especially if they are used to having a nightlight. Keep a back up package of glowsticks ready for this situation. Then, if the lights go out, you can pop a couple glow sticks and give the kids a night light that will last almost all night.

Get the Kids to Pick up Toys

When the storms are predicted, we go into an all out house cleaning blitz mode. It’s never fun to step on a LEGO brick, and if you have to use a flashlight to navigate the halls, you may not see the extra toys. Clean up before the lights go out and protect your toes and shins.

Be Ready for A Sleepover

When the lights go out, kids often get less independent. Be ready for a sleepover and make a pallet on the living room floor.

How do you prepare for Lights Out? What’s your best tip?

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  1. Great tips. I keep an emergency kit in my living room with candles, batteries, snacks and flashlights.

  2. These are great tips! I need to put flashlights in the kids rooms. Don’t know why I didn’t think of that.

  3. Love the glowstick idea! My boys already hate to go to bed alone, during a power outage, it’s near impossible to convince them they don’t need to camp out in the middle of my bed.

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