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Parenting, Is there really a right and wrong way?

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Being a mom blogger means I spend a lot of time reading other mom blogs and participating in the online mommy world. I believe that the internet has become a great resource for moms. We have places to go for support and get to reach out to other moms even when we are stuck in the house.

There is one thing I have learned though from being in the mom online world. Either I am in the minority with my parenting or other parents like me are afraid to speak up in fear of being “torn a new one” so to speak from the “perfect” parents online.

So now is the time for me to stand tall and be me. I will not let others make me feel ashamed or like I am raising my children wrong.

I do not cloth diaper my baby. Heck to the no. Too much work and nastiness for this mom. Disposables all the way.

I formula feed my children. With Big Brother I tried breast feeding. Didn’t work out and was too darn stressful. With Little Brother I just said forget it and went the route that I knew was best for the sanity of my family. I am not starving my child so where is the problem? Breast is best they say but guess what, formula isn’t poisoning my child.

My kids watch TV. In fact my TV lives on Treehouse and Playhouse Disney. They don’t live in front of the TV but it is always on as background noise.

Big Brother has an iPod Touch. Oh noes, the horror. Speaking of the horror of technology he also plays Minecraft with Tobei and loves having him build train tracks and roller coasters in the game.

We eat McDonalds, Harveys and Wendys. We also eat timbits and doughnuts. No my child is not fat or dying from the poison of fast food.

I believe in the motto of I am the boss and because I said so. Do not question me when I tell you to clean up, eat your dinner or to brush your teeth and go to bed.

I also believe in time outs, taking away toys for bad behaviour and when the time comes, grounding.

This is how I was raised, minus computers and iPods of course and I turned out just fine. My children will as well. I know this as already my 4 year old understands please, thank you and do not touch what is not yours. He understands no even if he doesn’t like it.

He is a loving and caring 4 year old. He helps with his little brother, does well in school and even feeds the animals. Sounds to me like he is on the right track to become a productive, contributing member of society. Even if I am raising him wrong according to todays parenting philosophies that I seem to be surrounded by.

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  1. I totally know what you mean. My family eats donuts, I’m obsessed with Harry Potter, my younger siblings play online games and love playing with my mom’s iPhone. I have my own laptop/iPod and I’m getting a cell phone (Granted, I am an older teen and I paid for them myself, but still!) At the same time we have eight kids, homeschool, and have an organic farm. I think that every parent is going to be different.

    I honestly understand where you are coming from though. In a world where all the Christian homeschooled girls are “perfect” I’m in the minority. I wear pants, I have male friends, and I watch Harry Potter. But I’m also a Christian (by my choice!) and I’m homeschooled. I’m the odd one out. So I feel your pain.

    There is no such thing as a perfect family or perfect parenting. Everyone is going to be different. I don’t think that anyone has the right to judge other parents by how they feed/discipline/or care for their children. That is just plain wrong. At least that’s my thoughts. 🙂 I hope this made sense.

  2. april yedinak says:

    You must be my long lost mommy-twin! I truly believe that many of the mom’s that broadcast their perfection aren’t being totally truthful and are overcompensating with their bragging. I think that as long as the kids aren’t being abused or neglected than you are doing just fine-everything else is icing. I just read an article in Parenting magazine about helicopter parenting and I had to laugh- I am too lazy (and in the early years, too sleep deprived) to micro-manage the way those moms do. My kids had to learn to work out their differences, clean up after themselves and do their school work because I didn’t have the energy to even think of doing all of that for them. It has worked out fairly well.

    • How dare you raise children who know how to take care of themselves and clean up their messes. Bad mommy 😛 You actually reading parenting magazines? They hurt my head.

  3. I swear we are related!! Welcome to the club!
    We live on McDonald’s and Pizza Hut!!!

  4. Oh yes… Especially the cloth diapering 🙂

  5. Giving you a virtual standing ovation.

  6. kids need boundaries, they know who to respect and how to take “no.” it’s too bad more parents don’t think so. And ipads, ipods, and TV is the world we live in. Go girl!

  7. I am so glad that the online world wasn’t as prevalent when my daughter was younger. I would have never fit in with the mommy mafia. Screw ’em. I am raising my child how I want, and she is turning out to be a fantastic teenager!

  8. I, too, am not of the perfect mama crowd in the blogging world. Ah well. My kids are doing great, and know they are loved. That’s what matters.

  9. I hear ya sister! To each their own is my philosophy. I tried breast feeding with 2 of my 3…didn’t work out and I cloth diapered my last for about 2 years…but I still like disposables and my daughter wears pull ups. My 3 year old loves my iPad and her brothers are on the laptop all the time. I have very well behaved kids. They will all be fine.

  10. Agreed. Disney and Nick Jr are on all day long at my house. Both of my kids were formula fed (altho that was a difficult decision for me to make). Cloth diapers are unnecessary work, even if they are cute. My 3yo operates both my iPod and our Apple TV like a pro, and is learning her daddy’s Playbook. She has manners, plays well with others, and her favorite non-tech toy is a huge cardboard castle that she can color. She’ll be fine. So will #2 if she does half as well. My goal is to have happy, healthy, family oriented kids. So far, so good.

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