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Pam Nease Sleep Sense™ Consultant Review

Yesterday I introduced you to Pam Nease, from now on, known as my sanity saver. This is my story on how thanks to Pam Nease, Little Brother is sleeping and we have us time once again.

couple time

When we had our first meeting with Pam many things were discussed. The one thing I stressed to her the most was how we also had Big Brother so had to factor him into our plan to get Little Brother sleeping. I also let her know that I was not a fan of just leaving my baby in his room to cry or having to rock him to sleep. I wanted to be able to put my baby to bed and have the evening free with my husband.

Now of course I am not going to lay out our entire sleep plan, after all I want you to meet Pam and experience her services for yourself. You may even be the lucky winner of the giveaway coming tomorrow Winking smile I will tell you the basics though and how it went for us.

Our main thing was establishing a routine for Little Brother. We did not have this as whenever we tried to establish one he fought us tooth and nail. With the help of Big Brother we started letting Little Brother know when it was bed time. Primarily he would get a bath and a story signalling the end of the day. Pam even involved Big Brother by having him join his brother for story time as we had a family story. This worked out great since both my boys were going to bed at the same time it was a nice enjoyable time for everyone.

story time books and animal

We did not just put Little Brother in his crib and leave. That had never worked for us in the past. Instead Pam had us stay in the room with him until he fell asleep. Tobei stayed in the room with him and within 15 minutes on the first night Little Brother was fast asleep. Even more surprisingly he slept until 7 the next morning.

On our next call to Pam she let us know to expect some battles as this was a process and will have its ups and downs. She checked in with us every 2nd day for the first week and answered any questions we had. She also did some minor tweaking of our sleep plan as needed while we went through our process.

little brother sleeping in crib

After a few days he was a champion at going for his naps and going to sleep at night. After 3 nights we were no longer staying in his room with him. I won’t lie, there has been a handful of night time wakings but he goes back to sleep after about 15 minutes. Thanks to our sleep training and Pam’s helpful advice we know how to handle those night time wakings and how to deal with the nights he doesn’t fall asleep right away.

Since we worked with Pam even Grandma and Nanny have been able to put him down for naps and bedtimes. This is wonderful as they then get quiet special time with Big Brother. When they used to baby sit they also had to deal with sleep battles so no special time for Big Brother.

I wish I had known of Pam earlier. She works with children from birth to 8 years of age with any kind of sleep challenges. I strongly recommend to parents of kids up to the age of 8 to contact Pam Nease if you want to claim your nights back and have happy sleeping children. Not sure if Pam is right for you and your family? Contact her anyways for a free 15 minute consultation. I know you won’t be disappointed.

Website: Pam Nease Licensed Sleep Sense™ Consultant
Facebook: Pam Nease on Facebook
Twitter: @PamNease

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for your chance to win the full service sleep consultation package valued at $395.

Disclaimer: Pam provided me with her services free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review. As always, all opinions are my own.

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  1. She sounds like a miracle worker 🙂

  2. I wonder if she works with teenagers?

  3. I’ve heard of her before and have heard fabulous things!! I wish I had her around at one point with my kids LOL

  4. So glad it worked! I need her for my preschoolers, LOL.

  5. WOW! That is fabulous! Thanks for sharing and thanks for introducing us to Pam! I think I’m going to need her help!

  6. I wonder if she can sleep train me? But seriously, I wish I had known about her when my daughter was an infant!

  7. I wish I had known about sleep consultants when my oldest was a baby….I definitele needed help with him….

  8. Very interesting!! I sure could use some help in my house too!

  9. Wow! I sure could have used her services when my babies were small. YAY for getting evenings back.

  10. I sure do wish I had someone like her when my son was a baby. He never slept, or so it seemed.

  11. That sounds so interesting! My son sure needed something like that when he was a baby!

  12. If she can get my 6 year old to sleep past 5:30, then I would give her a million dollars.

    Glad you are having such great results.

  13. We didn’t have too many problems with our kids sleeping although they’re still young and might throw a wrench in things still. Great to know that such a hands-on professional exists to help you keep your sanity. A happy kid makes for a happy parent.

    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo

  14. Tammy @inRdream says:

    I recently was introduced to sleep training consultants. I was lucky with great sleepers for all 4, but I understand this is a huge struggle families face each night! GREAT POST!

  15. WOW, this is amazing. I was lucky to have both the girls start sleeping early but, we co-slept which helped. She’s a miracle worker indeed.

  16. lovely post I didn’t know about this type of consultant before. By the way Nolie 🙂 I answered your question

  17. I was fortunate to have both my little ones sleep through the night pretty early, my daughter at three weeks and my son at five, but having Pam as an option now and days for parents is definitely something that moms now would appreciate!

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