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Out Of The Mouths Of Kids Bloggers Edition

out of the mouths of kids

Time for another out of the mouths of kids edition. This time I decided to reach out to other bloggers and have them share their stories with me. Hope you enjoy these as much as I did.

First one of my own since Big Brother always has something cute to share – Big Brother shares a joke with me. “Why did the chick cross the park?” “To get to the other slide”.

I asked my 5 year old what I was going to do when she started Kindergarten this fall. She said “Sit and have a cup of coffee and cry” – I think I’ll do just that. (Jody from

On a road trip with our parents when we were young. We were crossing a bridge over a river. My younger brother ( age 3-4) looks to the right, then the left… Thinks for a moment, then proudly states ” look, TWO wot woos” ( waters) (Shawn G. Facebook Friend)

When explaining to my 6-year-old why the baby’s diaper was hot, I told him the baby’s diaper is warm because pee comes out warm. He then asked if his pee was warm. I said yes. He thought for just a few seconds and said, “then is Nama’s {his Grandma} pee cold because she is old.” hehehe ( Kristen from

When my son was younger my husband and I were trying to find out if he new our real names (instead of mommy and daddy). He spouted of my husbands name quite quickly, then when I asked him what my name was he looked up and said”Sweetie”. That’s my husbands pet name for me! (Beth from

James (age 7) told me, “Mommy, you had me, so it’s your fault I’m weird.” And one day George (9) ran up to me and lifted my shirt, and said, “I spy with my little eye something that’s a white bra.” And he ran away giggling. What made it even funnier, and very cool, was the fact that he’s a mostly non-verbal kid with autism. (Kirsten from

Not cute or funny but M saw raw meat in the grocery store and starting crying and sreaming about dead animals….embarrassing! (Ann from


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  1. Thanks for including mine – kids say the funniest things 😉

  2. Thanks for sharing. Great post.

  3. Oh kids, there’s never a dull moment with them around!

  4. Kids are such a hoot! Thanks for including mine!

  5. Kids are so funny sometimes. The stuff they come out with….

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