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Only In Canada

Tim Hortons this summer relased a new line of cold beverages. My favourite being the Iced Latte with a shot of French Vanilla. Soooo good.

The other day Tobei had to bring our car in to get the cruise control fixed as it hasn’t been working since the day we bought the car. I asked him to pick me up an Iced Latte on his way home. He gets home and says “You will never believe what happened at Timmies”.

He was in the drive-thru placing his order and this guy (lets call him guy A) was on the phone just freaking out. We guess he got in a fight with his wife as he was yelling “I can’t believe you hit me” “Put my daughter on the phone” “You can’t keep her away from me”.

So this other guy (guy B) gets out of his car and walks up to Guy A and tells him to calm down. Guy A without even thinking turns around and punches Guy B right in the face. Now this could have gotten so much worse from there. We could have had an all out fist fight or someone could have been stabbed or shot.

But no this is Canada. Guy A then runs into Tim Hortons and comes out with two coffees and hands one to Guy B. Guy B is sitting on the ground at this point wondering WTF just happened. Guy B tells Guy A it’s alright and takes the coffee.

Everyone goes on their merry little way. Only in Canada can someone punch someone else in the face then have an apology accepted with a great cup of Tim Hortons coffee.

I am just glad everything turned out ok and that the kids weren’t with Tobei to witness this.

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  1. smartcheetah says:

    Only in Canada! What a story, Timmies makes everything ok again LOL

  2. I am thinking it could have gotten worse but for Guy A to buy a coffee ofr Guy B made things turn around real quick. The guy was thinking i better take this coffee and run.

  3. This is why I love Canada, our Good Neighbors to the North. 🙂

    Greetings from MInneapolis!!


  4. what a weird thing to witness, but you’re totally right. Only in Canada (& only with guys, girls would never 😉 )

  5. That’s total craziness! Ah, the power of coffee!

  6. HAHAHAHA! This totally makes me think of that show “How I Met Your Mother”. Have you ever seen it? They always talk about how great the people in Canada are and I guess it’s pretty accurate 🙂

  7. OMG – that is flippin hilarious!
    Wish I could have seen that!!

  8. It was a simple token of apology. After all, the punching incident is just a result of either a reflex action or just the overpowering anger in the guilty party. Good thing both men were graceful under the pressure.

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