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Naming Your Baby

26 week 3d ultrasound

One of the toughest and tense situation between 2 parents during a pregnancy can be naming your baby. It is not an easy decision. This is what your child will be known by for their entire life. Both parents have to like it and it has to sound good with the last name as well. Let’s not even mention middle names.

A name I always loved was Anthony. When I was pregnant with both boys I fought hard to name them Anthony. I lost both times. Something about “Tony” just was not sticking with daddy to be. Thankfully I have given up hope of naming a baby Anthony since I am done having kids.

For a girl I loved the name Sierra. Of course once again I was the only one who liked this name. When I was pregnant with Big Brother we got a dog. We already knew baby was a boy and we were arguing over a name for our female dog. I finally said “Well fine, if I can’t name any of my kids Sierra I can at least name my dog that”. That is how my dog got her name. Come to think of it maybe my next boy pet I will name Anthony.

In the end we did come up with a name for each boy that we both liked way before they were born. With both boys we just sat there rhyming off names until one jumped out at us. The one that jumped at both of us was the winner.

How did you name your children? Was there a lot of fighting or did you agree easily on a name?

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  1. I was CONVINCED I was having a girl all three times I was expecting. So for each I fought hard for a girls name I wanted. My first would have been Cheyenne. I agreed on family names for the boys option….had a boy. Second was to be Elizabeth but nickname Beth NOT Liz as dad wasnt’ having a Liz or Lizzie. Again let him chose the boys names, again all family names. Had another boy. With my third I found out I was pregnant weeks after my mom was Dx’d with cancer for the third time. Each previous pregnancy she teased us that we needed to use the name Bryan. There was almost no discussion this time that if it were a boy it would be Bryan. And if it was a girl we easily agreed on just a slight variation of my mothers first name (she never used her first name because she didn’t like it so we did a slightly different spin on it) Had another boy. And my mom informed us at the hospital that we spelled it wrong…she wanted it spelled BryOn?!?! LOL

    • LOL OOPS! With my 1st we gave him 2 middle names. Each name was the name of one of his grandfathers. We had to call grandma on fathers side to find out how to spell the name correctly. She had to sneakily go find a bill as she wasn’t sure how to spell full name right.

  2. We had a name all picked out for our first boy…..Zachary. I love that name, but as soon as I found out I was pregnant, we found out like four people we knew were using that name. They weren’t super close, but I figured that if the name had caught on that much, I didn’t want my son to end up in school with a million other Zachary’s, which is exaclty what happened. He’s had AT LEAST one other Zack in his class each year and in his kindergarten class, there were two Zachary’s, so he would have been the third if we had stuck with that name.

  3. Sandy Hernandez says:

    Two middle names!? Girl, you are an honorary chicana! 🙂 I am one of the lucky ones where my husband doesnt fight with me on the names…just gave birth to twins, Rico and Santo.

  4. With each of our kids we wanted to make sure that they had a family name AND a name that belonged to only them. It didn’t have to be a unique name or something weird, just a name that no one else in the family had.

    We’ve had a pretty easy time naming the kiddos.

    How are you Nolie?! How’s the fam?!

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