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Why I Am No Longer Allowed To Get Oil Changes

Saturday started out like any other day. I had a list full of crap to do. First I had a Scentsy party then on the way home I was to hit up the Costco to finish off my grocery shopping. Everything was going as planned. As I sat in the massive line up for gas at Costco my damn jeep beeped at me AGAIN telling me I needed an oil change. It has been doing this for about 3 weeks and everytime it beeps I yell at it to shut up. I am well aware and do not need a reminder everytime I turn it on.

I decided enough was enough. I called Tobei and asked him to call the dealership and see if they could squeeze me in within the next hour. The answer was yes so I dropped off my groceries at home and headed to the dealership in my pretty little jeep to get it that oil change so it would shut up.

2008 jeep grand cherokee

We love our jeep but it has it’s faults. First and most importantly she sucks for comfort on long trips which we make quite often to go pick up the oldest who lives 2 hours away. Second being that when we have our oldest he is pretty squished in the back seat between his brothers car seats. Due to this we were discussing maybe trading in the jeep. We had not set plans to do so and was just an idea we were entertaining.

As I waited for the oil changed I decided to take a look around the used car lot. I was thinking a hatchback or crossover type of deal. After all we do need the back open to fit the dog. Of course the vultures errr I mean salesmen see me and come out asking if I needed any help. I explained we were thinking of maybe one day trading in the jeep for something more family friendly.

He asked what I thought of a van and I gave him a big hellz no. I refuse to be a hard core soccer mom and drive around in a van. Besides aren’t those things dangerous in the winter? He assures me they are safe as long as you have winter tires. To get him to back off I tell him I will bring Tobei in the next day and we can talk numbers to see what we are looking at regarding a trade in and payments on a new vehicle. He says sure, we make an appointment and we go our seperate ways.

I head back out and give Tobei a call to tell him I made us this appointment. As I am on the phone the salesman walks out with his manager. Manager offers me a van to bring home for the night to try out to see if I still hate vans after driving them. I say sure why not and he hands me the keys to a 2013 Grand Caravan. I text Tobei and tell him I am coming home with a van for the night.

Well ladies and gentlemen that darn manager knew what he was doing. I introduce you to my new vehicle that I get to go pick up later this week.

2013 dodge grand caravan

Yup I bought the darn van. With Tobei’s approval of course but he let me do all the negotiating. I can now proudly say I have for the first time purchased a vehicle. Now if you see someone rolling down the streets of Ottawa blaring this song, wave hi to me 😉 It may not be the Sienna but I still swore if I over owned a van I was totally going to blare this song while driving it.

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  1. Yay for your new wheels! You’ll love the van.

  2. Congratulations on the new vehicle! Vans are awesome 🙂

  3. Congrats on the new van, and love the song – blare it really loud. lol

  4. HAHAHAHA! I don’t do minivans – I will take the discomfort over the uncoolness of a minivan any day 🙂

  5. bahahaha oh we’re so alike!!! It’s lovely

  6. April Yedinak says:

    Vans are great, especially when you have kids. I find it sad that some grown-ups are still so concerned with if they are perceived as ‘cool’ or not. I would take comfort and function over some arbitrary and artificial perception of my ‘coolness.’

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