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Little Brothers Birth Story – Part 2

In Little Brothers Birth Story – Part 1 I left you all hanging with us calling an ambulance. I know a lot of you are not pleased with my cliff hanger but hey I had to stop somewhere. When Tobei mentioned calling the ambulance I told him no. That was followed by another contraction and huge gush of water. I quickly changed my mind and told him to call them.

I am so glad I made that decision. For the first time in my life I actually saw cars pull over. The ambulance never had to stop. Being in the ambulance was much better than being in my car dealing with traffic and red lights. I did curse out the city many time on that ride though for the lack of street maintenance.

As soon as I arrived at the hospital the midwife checked and I was now 5cm dilated. About time there was some movement on that thing. She called right away for the epidural. My mom and Tobei arrived at the hospital about 5 minutes after I did. Obviously the route they took was better than the one the ambulance did.

It is really fuzzy now a lot of what happened between arriving and having the epidural. I know that the midwives were amazing. I also know that I am surprised Tobei still has use of his fingers. They were my release for all the pain I was having during contractions. He never did complain once though and had his hand ready for me whenever I needed to squeeze it.

The epidural just like last time was my best friend. Within  minutes of getting it I no longer felt anything. This was the point that I started posting on Facebook and twitter. I actually wanted to blog while I was there but my mother wouldn’t let me.

Sometime around 6 p.m. my midwife checked and I was fully dilated except for one tiny part of my cervix. After Big Brother was born I had 2 procedures done for abnormal cells and they left scarring. That one tiny piece of scarring did not want to move. We waited forever on it.

While waiting Little Brother’s heart rate kept dropping and the midwife was becoming very concerned. We had to have me keep moving positions as they believed he was leaning on the umbilical cord. It would work for a couple of minutes but then I would have to move again.

She finally called in the doctors to get a second opinion on what we should do around 8:40 or so. The decision was made that I needed to push the baby out or they may need to vacuum him out. All I could picture was them rolling in a dyson. I wasn’t alone as Tobei had pictured the same thing.

I am told I pushed on and off for about 25 minutes. At first the pushes sucked but as the epidural started to fade a little I was able to feel enough to know when to push and what effect it was having. Once I could feel that his head was right there no one had to tell me “one more push”, I just kept on going until he came out.

Little Brother was born at 9:17 p.m. He was 7 pounds 13 ounces and 20 inches long. I found out later that the cord was wrapped around his neck and he had been leaning on it like the midwife thought. I am just so glad I was able to push him out on my own and no medical interventions were needed.

Since we had a midwife and no complications we were able to come home that night. We left the hospital around midnight and I was so happy to be able to be in my own home so soon after birth.

I know you all are waiting for pictures. I promise they are coming. I have no pictures I am willing to share from the hospital but I do have a few from our first couple of days home that I will share. They are coming in the next blog post.

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  1. Wow! Nolie, you are a warrior! I can’t believe you were able to come home that night! Having never had anything but a c-section I am insanely jealous of your experience, though. Way to go mama!

  2. Awww CONGRATS on the new addition. I’m glad you let him call the ambulance too!

  3. I’m loving the birth story and can’t wait to see (more) pictures of Little Brother. Completely understand the hospital pictures though – I don’t have any of those I’m willing to share either 🙂

  4. Hugest of congratulations to you!!! So glad everyone is healthy and happy:)

  5. Yay for babies! Glad your little one is finally here!

  6. what a happy ending!! I love that you were able to feel enough to really push him out quick! And especially happy that he was totally perfectly healthy. Oh love it!! Congratulations!

  7. Congrats on the new addition to your family.

  8. I can’t wait to see those pictures! You are a trooper. I stayed in the hospital as long as possible with all of them, lol.

    • I thought of it but then I remembered the first time around where nurses were waking me up all through the night and getting on my last nerve.

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