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We Are Going To Disney!!!

I am so excited. Many months ago we promised Big Brother that once we all had the same last name we would go to Disney. He has only been asking to go for oh 2 years. Well May will see the day we all have the same last name as Tobei and I will finally be getting married.

Just last week I got in touch with an awesome travel agent and we worked out the details for Disney. Deposit has been paid and we now officially have a travel date. We are going in the fall so lets hope the hurricanes stay away.

Paying for Disney is not cheap. Especially for a family of 5. Thankfully we are going when Little Brother is still 2 so will not need park tickets for him. However we are still looking at around $6000 for us all to go. That is only counting hotel, food, tickets and flights. I don’t even want to imagine how much we will be spending down there on shopping.

So what is a girl to do? Well save save and save some more of course. If I was smart I would have super planned ahead and got myself a Aeroplan Canada VISA. At least then we could be earning points to use towards our flights while making all our wedding purchases and bookings for Disney. However I am not that smart. Seriously kicking myself right now for not finding a credit card with an actual useful reward plan. But it is what it is, lesson learned.

So help a girl out, how do you budget and save for family vacations? Tell me your tips so next time it isn’t so hard on my bank account.

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  1. Well, you know we go every year & we will be back again in August. If you need any tips or restaurant recommendations, let me know.

  2. If I were you I’d google Disney and find all the coupons you can. I’m sure there is many all over the internet or maybe even discounts on where you’ll be staying not to mention eating places. Try too I’m sure there’s things there to give you some tips. Good luck.

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