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Gift Ideas for Kids who love Cars

Do you know a child obsessed with everything that goes vroom? Make him smile this holiday season with a car-themed gift! The following are a few ideas to do everything from decorate their rooms to provide entertainment on the go.  

Model Car Kit

Older boys and girls might enjoy the process of putting a model car together. You visit hobby shops or craft stores to buy readymade kits, which require basic tools to put together. There are a number of different models to choose from, which can be assembled with care. This is a great way for kids to learn how cars are made and get the satisfaction of completing a project. The finished car can then be proudly displayed.

Toy Racetrack

Kids of all ages love playing with toy cars, but you can take this a step further by purchasing a racetrack to set up in the living room or bedroom. Some racetracks have battery operated cars, while others use magnets to keep the race cars zooming around the track.

Wooden Car Bedframe

Help your child dream of cars by putting him or her to sleep in a car-themed bed. These are crafted out of a plastic or wooden frame, which is moulded into the shape of a car. The mattress is then placed in the middle of this frame. You can choose from an array of different models and colours of car beds, to find something that ties the room together yet still is fun to sleep in. This can also be useful for kids who are afraid of sleeping in their own bed. It can ease the transition from crib to bed by making it fun to go to sleep each night. Choose matching bedding to complete the gift.

Remote Control Cars

One of the most classic gifts for children, the basic remote control car is now more detailed and powerful than ever. You’ll find accurate representations of numerous models, including Porsche cars and Volkswagen Beetles, along with high-tech futuristic designs.

Wall Stickers

Racetrack decals or wall stickers can transform your child’s room and allow them to use their imagination.  These feature cool modern design, so they’ll fit into your interior decorations while still providing excitement for little ones.

LEGO Lamborghini

It’s hard to beat a LEGO set as far as classic toys go, but if you want to combine LEGO and a car theme you’re in luck. The Danish brand makes a Lamborghini Gallardo kit, which features great attention to detail with a retractable roof and floor mats. With 741 pieces, it will take your little car lover some time and dedication to construct, but is well worth the effort. It’s recommended for ages 9-13, but even adults might enjoy this one.

These are just a few ideas to help you get started with choosing the perfect gift for the car-lover in your family. In addition to these larger gifts, you can also choose from a wide range of car-related accessories, puzzles, artwork, and DVD’s. From stocking stuffers to birthday gifts, there’s something to suit every age group and budget.

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  1. Those are all great ideas. I love the idea of getting them a racetrack! Who wouldn’t love that?

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