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Getting All Bride and Groomed Up

Wedding Post 1 – The Yo Yo

The night before the wedding I stayed at Cartier Place Suite Hotel with my junior bridesmaids. It was a nice low key night. We arrived around dinner time and headed down to the resturant for something to eat. One quick look at the menu had us leaving though and heading down Elgin Street to find something to eat. We couldn’t pronounce half the things on the menu and there was nothing for the kids to eat. If they had a kids menu they did not offer it to us. Lucky for us we quickly stumbled upon Dunn’s where I had the best smoked meat sandwich and french fries EVER.

After dinner we headed back to the hotel to shower and relax before the big day. This was the first time ever I did not pack my own bathroom supplies and the first time ever I stayed in a hotel that did not provide conditioner. So my junior bridesmaids and their mom headed out to go buy some and I went to spend time with my dad and step-mom who were staying in the same hotel.

The next morning was go time bright and early at 7am. Lucky for me I had the coffee schedule all figured out. We made a pot at 7, had my man of honour bring coffee and muffins at 9 and my friend and her husband who were my photographers arrive with more coffee at 10. This girl was not going without coffee on her big day.

Nolie Getting Ready at Hotel for Wedding

I had hired Erica Wright to do our hair and make-up for the big day. She arrived promptly at 9am and got to work. The girls were first so I hung out in the bedroom just relaxing and enjoying the calm before the storm so to speak. Was going to be a non stop go go go kind of day.

Erica was super awesome. Not only did she do an amazing job but she was a calm presence that day. She really did help keep the mood light and the time stress free.

While we were “girling” it up at the hotel Tobei was back at the house with the boys. I knew the kids were in good hands but lucky for Tobei he had help as well. His brother, mom, dad and step-mom were all there to help him get ready that morning. Though I hear his brother needed more help than the kids did lol.

I didn’t know it but his step-mom ended up stealing our camera for the day and got some awesome pictures of everyone getting ready at the house. Seriously very thoughtful of her and I am glad she thought of it. She even ended up bringing our camera with her that day to capture all the moment. This was totally awesome as I got to see moments I missed while hiding in the bridal room waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Last Minute Wedding Prep

I drove us all over to the ceremony venue and this is where my man of honour and I got our outfits on for the day. For a room full of people and having to build human walls to get me to the bathroom it was actually a pretty calm event. I chalk that up to the owner of our venue (From This Day Forward). Izabella was seriously amazing to work with that day and made sure everything was taken care of.

Yes that is my best friend of 16 years and Man of Honour attempting to do up the last of my dress. Lucky for him my friend Sarah got the majority of it done up for him.

After a few minutes of calm breaths and butterflies fluttering around in my stomach it was time to get the show on the road.

Part 3 – Our Wedding Ceremony
Part 4 – Our Wedding Reception

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  1. It;s a lot of work to get ready, huh? You guys looked awesome!

  2. Congratulations Nolie! The dress is lovely and the boys look so handsome in their ties. Sounds like it was a memorable day! I wish you many years of happiness together.

  3. caryn s says:

    Congrats Nolie you make a beautiful bride! I am sure your wedding was amazing!

  4. you look beautiful!

  5. How fun! You look fabulous.

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