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winking smileyEvery time I turn around it seems someone is using the letters FML. It is so over used that it is to the point of me cringing every time I see it. Tobei has started to use it just to irritate me because he loves me oh so much.

Today I ask Tobei what he is making for dinner and he tells me pizza. I do not want pizza. Since becoming pregnant the thought of pizza is enough to make me gag. It doesn’t help that morning sickness which should be titled all day sickness is kicking my butt.

So Tobei goes off to the kitchen to find something to make for dinner and decides to send me a text message. Check out our quick little text conversation that ended up with both of us having a good laugh.

Oh and yes I read the blog drama the other day about a husband asking his wife what she is wearing and she answers a watch. Some people didn’t like her answer and made a huge deal out of it. To those of you who did, if you are reading this post stop judging. It was a funny text back and forth between a loving couple with a sense of a humor.

FML humour

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  1. What does FML stand for??

  2. Awesome! 😀 That sounds like texts back and forth with my husband too. He loves to overuse words that he knows annoy me. I was saying FML a lot the past few months…I totally wore it out.

  3. Oh, gotcha! LOL!

  4. I had NO idea what FML meant till this post, lol.

  5. I had no idea what that meant before. I won’t be using it, lol.

  6. LOL!!!

  7. You guys are HILARIOUS!!!!!!!

  8. LMAO that’s hilarious!

  9. Too funny!!!

  10. LOL, love it!

  11. Ha! I had to google it a few months back because all of the *kids* were throwing FML around on facebook…and I didn’t have a clue. Hopefully he made something better than pizza 😉

  12. My head was starting to hurt, I had no idea what this meant!

  13. LOL, I had no idea what FML meant.

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