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First visit from the Tooth Fairy

I wasn’t ready for this. My oldest baby is only 5 years old. I did not give him permission to grow up so fast. However I can not stop time and on Wednesday March 20th my oldest baby took another step to not being a baby and lost his first baby tooth.

A few days earlier he showed us his tooth was loose. Right away I had flashbacks to my childhood where I HATED having a loose tooth. Wiggly teeth totally give me the heebie jeebies, even when they are not my own. I tried to push it out of my mind as long as I could.

Wednesday evening we were sitting around the table eating chicken fajitas when Big Brother told us he couldn’t eat his dinner because of his loose tooth. I got Tobei to get a knife and cut the fajitas into bite size pieces. Big Brother continued trying to eat but started complaining that it hurt to chew. I told Tobei to have a look at his tooth and being super mom that I am I did what all super moms do. I ran outside to escape the situation.

A few minutes later Tobei opened the door and told me we had our first tooth loss.

tooth fairy visit

His tooth was barely hanging on. When he touched it with his tongue it flopped forward. So Tobei told Big Brother he had two choices. He could leave it and wait for it to fall out or he could pull it out. Well my big boy who did not get his braveness from his mother reached into his own mouth and yanked out his tooth.

Of course mommy made him pose for pictures. The first is him biting on paper towel to make sure bleeding stopped and showing me that he is 5 years old. I may or may not have told him to hold up 5 fingers for me. Then I made him show me where his tooth once lived. The last photo is what he woke up to in the morning.

We were really worried about the tooth fairy waking up Big Brother in the middle of the night so instead of putting his tooth under the pillow we put it in an envelope and Big Brother put the envelope on the dresser. When he woke up in the morning his tooth envelope was gone and replaced with an envelope with money from the Tooth Fairy. Or T.F. as it seems the tooth fairy wants to be called.

I did start a discussion on my Facebook page asking what the going rate for the tooth fairy was. Prices varied widely but it seems the tooth fairy was running short on funds that evening and we got the shorter end of the spectrum. Big Brother received $2 for his tooth. The average seemed to be $5 either for every tooth or at least the first tooth.

He was so excited the next couple of days telling everyone he had his first visit from the tooth fairy and he got TWO DOLLARS he would say loudly.

Mommy spent a day or so sad that her little boy wasn’t so little anymore. He will always be my baby though.


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  1. Awww – that’s so sweet! My oldest lost his first tooth when he was five, too, but my little man who is 5 now doesn’t even have any wiggly teeth. I think in a way I’ll be sadder when he starts losing them because he is my baby <3

  2. Aww so sweet. Funny how we don’t give them permission to grow up but they go ahead and do it anyway 🙂

  3. I remeber when my eldest son had a tooth ache we had a very hard time removing it but after that he became a big boy

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