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How To Find Time To Exercise As A Busy Mom

Recently I went for my yearly physical with my doctor where she hit me with all that doctor advice that we really need to listen to. Eat proper, take vitamins and *cringe* start to exercise. I know I am out of shape. I am not stupid but I am scared. However I do want to be healthy for my kids, so I decided to suck it up and take the doctors advice. Now for the tricky question that all moms wonder….. How to find time to exercise. Well let’s tackle that question with this weeks Homemaker Monday.

How to find time to exercise

If we want to be a great wife, mom, and all around person we need to take care of ourselves. Many moms put taking care of themselves at the bottom of their to do list and it never gets done. I am going to attempt to move it to the top of mine.

I have started taking daily vitamins and trying to add water in between my forty cups of coffee each day. Forty cups may or may not be an exaggeration. It’s all about baby steps though. Everyone has to start somewhere.

When my doctor told me I had to start walking every day I looked at her and smiled “I can do that doc, no problem”. Then being the smart doctor she is she said “And how do you plan to do that in the winter?” Ummm you got me. This is when she told me to get a treadmill.

I came home and took to the internet. Budget is limited right now with the wedding and Christmas coming up. Lucky for me in one of my Facebook groups I found a super sweet woman who offered to give me her treadmill for free. SOLD! I sent Tobei running to pick it up. It has sat in my house for the past 3 days as still the million dollar question was yet to be answered….

How to find time to exercise as a busy mom

It is a question we all face and I found the answer. JUST DO IT! Make the time. For me the secret is the treadmill. Kids eating a snack, hop on the treadmill. Kids spending time with daddy, hop on the treadmill. Kids napping, hop on the treadmill.

There are hundreds of moments in a day where we can find time to squeeze in exercise. It does not have to be all at once and it doesn’t have to be a biggest loser style type of workout. All that matters is you are getting off your butt and doing it.

How do you find time to exercise?

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  1. I find that I have extremely hard time finding time to do anything at all, let alone find time to exercise. I think you are correct in saying that we need the “Just Do It” attitude to get things done. If there was a magical solution then we would all be super healthy but it really is up to us as individuals to make the change. The key is wanting change; If you don’t really want change then nothing is going to change, if you do then you will find the will and the way to make it happen. I love it and so I must JUST DO IT!!!!! 🙂

  2. It does get easier as they get older. I do about 20 -30 minutes of yoga and pilates most mornings after I put my son on the bus. I’m fortunate to have a great gym close by and I do that at least three times a week. Now that the weather’s cooling down (in Florida) I’m looking forward to walking outside again.

    • I would never make it to a gym. I had a membership the last city we were in as they had a military gym and family got a year round pass for $75. Didn’t use it once.

  3. I love my treadmill. I put my iPad on to a show I’m watching and 45 minutes or an hour later I’m caught up on Parenthood and I’ve got my steps in.

    • Yes tonight I used my iPhone and put on music. Totally didn’t think of catching up on a show. That will be tomorrows plan. Thanks for the tip.

  4. I want a treadmill or an elliptical so bad. The hubs says there is a long road and fresh air waiting for me outside. I haven’t won that argument yet. For now I use youtube videos, workout dvd’s or just some light weight workouts I find on the ‘net. I try to workout for at least 20-30 minutes 4 days a week. Someday maybe I’ll be able to do more or at least more days.

    • Pfft that long road has bugs and bad weather. I only got the treadmill as it was free. Tobei has agreed if I get good use out of it besides a clothing rack we will look into a bells and whistles one should the time comes that this one does not do what I need anymore.

      • YES!! I would rather be in my own home anyway, my mom has an elliptical but her house is 15 minutes away and that turns into and hour just to use it for a short amount of time….maybe I should just “borrow” it. 🙂

  5. I head out for my morning walk right after getting the kids on the bus. I am thinking of getting a treadmill though for the days I can’t get out with the kids home and when the winter hits. It is really about taking the time. I used to be like when do I have time.. I go 15 mins power walk is better than none.

  6. I am a wicked busy mom, but I make time to workout every single day. It’s important to me to get in some me time.

  7. Yes! Love this post! I work at a university that has an excellent gym that is walking distance from my office. My husband picks our daughter up from daycare after work and I hit the gym for an hour. On the weekends, we find fun family activities that allow us to be active together.

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