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Feeling sexy again after childbirth

Having a baby is a major life change that often throws spontaneity, sex, and romance out the window.  Lots of new mothers feel like they’ve lost a little bit of themselves after having a baby, and this can seriously knock one’s confidence.  This is normal – pregnancy and motherhood is often responsible for increased body weight, sleep deprivation, and extra stress.

As mothers, women are constantly putting someone or something before themselves.  Children, spouses, and even jobs usually come before anything a woman wants or needs for herself.  Putting one’s own desires on the back burner can quickly become the norm, and it shouldn’t.

Feeling sexy again after childbirth

There are lots of ways women can start feeling themselves again – from getting a new haircut to taking a break from breastfeeding – here are five great ways on bringing the sexy back into your life.

1.  Sport a new ‘do

During pregnancy, a woman’s hair grows quickly and is both shiny and lustrous.  However, a couple of months after giving birth, the hair may start to thin out and lose that lovely shine.  Losing that natural glow can really put a damper on one’s confidence and one of the best ways to fix this is to get a new haircut.  Leave the baby with Daddy for a few hours and visit the salon – Mommy will return feeling prettier, lighter, and more like her old self.

2.  Take a nap

New babies tend to have erratic sleep patterns, which can take a toll on Mom.  Lack of sleep can negatively affect both the body and the mind, and when a woman isn’t feeling well, chances are she isn’t feeling very sexy, either.  A good way to sneak in some Z’s is to nap while the baby naps.

3.  Get some sexy lingerie

Many women, even those that aren’t new mothers, are guilty of recycling the same few frayed and worn out bras.  Bring the sexy back by heading to the local department store and purchasing at least three new bras – with matching panties.  The best bet is an underwire bra that provides support with at least a little trim of lace.  These bras are usually tremendously comfortable and always look sexy.  Look for cheap lingerie deals at Lingerie Diva.

4.  Start exercising

Immediately following childbirth, most women must avoid exercise for a limited time, but once the doctor says it is safe, start right up!  Studies have shown that exercise helps fight off postnatal depression, increases motivation, and improves self-esteem.  Feeling good and taking off the extra baby weight can definitely help one feel a lot sexier.

5.  Start the day off right

Getting back into a normal routine plays an integral role in feeling more like oneself after having a baby.  Whether one is planning to hang out with the baby all day, head out to the office, or to a playgroup, it is important to get ready for the day.  Don’t wear workout clothing out unless the gym is the final destination.  Take a few minutes to take a shower, apply some make-up, and accessorize.  These small efforts can go a long way towards feeling a whole lot more positive.

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  1. Great advice. I think the nap thing is a big one – it’s amazing what a little sleep can do!

  2. I have to say that to me lack of sleep or over tiredness played a role into my ‘sexyness and mood’.

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