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Fear of Ghosts

I have a secret to share with you…. I am terrified of ghosts. It all started when I was a kid and to this day I am still scared of them. I must not be alone though as according to wikiepedia this is called phasmophobia.

fear of ghosts

As a kid when my friends were playing with a Ouija bored I would be hiding in a corner trying to ignore whatever it is they were doing. As they all huddled in the bathroom mirror to whisper redrum in hopes that some ghost would appear I would be practically peeing myself hoping this was a hoax. Even to this day I can not bring myself to look in a mirror in a dark room.

Call me crazy but I believe in ghosts. I have had quite a few encounters that have caused me to believe in them. This of course does not help my fear of ghosts out one little bit.

When I was 20 I was dating this guy whose sister I lived with. On Halloween we all sat around watching the TV to see if a ghost would appear in our local museum that is supposedly haunted. I was so terrified that I made him escort me to the bathroom. Of course I made him wait in the hall with his back to the door though as I did my business. I remember turning around from washing my hands and he was gone. I screamed his name and cried my way all the way to the living room where I slapped him for ditching me. Yes that is how scared I am.

I have never been on a ghost walk though I think that would be cool. I can not watch horror movies and I hate Halloween. Does this make a baby? Maybe so, but it is a fear and it is real.

Are you scared of ghosts? Do you believe in ghosts? What are you scared of?


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  1. Yes ghosts are creepy!! I can’t make up my mind about whether or not I really believe they’re there, but have certainly seen and heard some REALLY creepy things. I try to remind myself that even if they ARE there, they can’t hurt us. I don’t think. Right? I mean we never really here about a human being accosted by someone in the spirit world. So I hope not!!

  2. I am not necessarily afraid of ghosts, but I do respect them. After all, they are someone’s loved one, probably. But if you are really scared, salt is known to keep them away, according to folklore.

  3. I’m not quite sure if I believe in ghosts or not, I do believe in the supernatural though. I am easily scared of things. I slept with our master bathroom light on for months after watching I Am Legend. I love to watch Fringe or the X-Files with the hubs but I’m usually freaked out by the end!!

  4. I was actually part of a ghost hunting team for a while and I was scared so badly one time that I quit.

  5. I am petrified of ghosts. It doesn’t help that when I was a child, the tap in our kitchen would turn on full blast and my dad said he didn’t know why it did that. It was so creepy, he was the one who was saying it was a ghost and I totally believe that the house was haunted. We would all be sitting in the living room watching T.V. at night and the tap would turn on all by itself and not gently, it would be on full blast. Uber creepy!

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