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Fatty fatty fat fat

I totally meant to post this yesterday for wordless Wednesday but life got in the way. In the fall our city decided garbage would only be picked up every 2 weeks. I think the city has a secret deal with raccoons and this picture proves it. Hopefully you can see it as I have only seen the pic on my phone. This is the FAT raccoon we found digging in my neighbours garbage.


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  1. Poor raccoon. Now you’ve gone and hurt his feelings!

    • I will make him a deal. Stay out of mine and my neighbours garbage and I will stop calling him fat and plastering pictures of him all over the internet.

  2. Ew! We have all sorts of wild critters down where we are, too and in the summer, we have to keep our trash in the garage so the animals stay out of it.

    • We had to get new garbage cans as the wildlife chewed through the ones we have. They are determined little shits. We also have coyotes around here. I have yet to see them but I hear them.

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