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Homemaker Monday: Easy FREE Ways to Make Your House feel Homey

Turning your house into a home does not require a ton of money, but it does require some thought and just a little bit of effort. I’ve put together a list of things that anyone can do but most people overlook that will transform your ordinary house into something homey and full of warmth.

Easy FREE Ways to Make Your House feel Homey

Create the Atmosphere

  • Turn off your overhead lights in the evening and only use your lamps. There’s something about the soft lights of the lamps that just warms up the room and creates a comfortable atmosphere.
  • Make an easy listening playlist to loop during dinner. Forget the sports or local news, try some Piano Guys, Estaban or even old school Kenny G.
  • Designate some time before bed where the television is turned off and its books, board games and light toys only. This one will take some cooperation from your family, but if you can convince them to try it you might just find you love the unplugged experience before bed.

Treat Yourself like Company:

  • Burn a candle just because you like it – not because company is coming.
  • Put out a special blanket or throw that you’ve been saving for ‘someday’.
  • Use the special guest towels for yourself!
  • Pull out the Bath & Body or Victoria’s Secret body lotion you were planning to re-gift and use it!

Pick up the daily clutter:

It may mean missing a few minutes of sleep, but you might want to stay up a few extra minutes and pick up the daily clutter on the counters or on the living room floor. I have heard the saying “Start the day tomorrow with a clean house tonight“. It just makes the day go better when you can wake up to a clutter free environment.

What are some easy ways you create a home instead of a house? I’d love to hear!

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  1. Hey, so I am not the only one that re-gifts those lotion sets I get LOL.

  2. I too work to make my home inviting and homey – it is our haven from the world.

  3. Great tips, thank you for linking up with us at the #WWDParty and sharing them. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I love all these great ideas! I definitely need to incorporate some of them!

    Thanks for linking up with Take it on Tuesday! Can’t wait to see you again this week! 😉

  5. These are such easy ideas! And you are right, we often only think of them when company is coming. Why not spoil ourselves with a cozy home? 🙂

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