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Don’t let your guests get caught with their pants down

So the holidays are over, the kids are back at school and the husband is back to work. This means mom can finally put her feet up and catch her breath. To say the holidays were crazy would be an understatement. And boy do I got a story to share with you.

Picture it….. It is Christmas Eve… the presents are wrapped, food is in the oven and you are waiting for your guests to arrive to enjoy some food and head off to church. Everything is perfect then panic sets in…. OH CRAP! I forgot to buy toilet paper. Yes that is right. In all my hustle and bustle to have everything perfect and ready to go for a lovely evening with family I totally forgot to put toilet paper on the shopping list. I head upstairs to peek under the counter to see if we have enough rolls to last us until boxing day and then I realize Charmin totally saved the day.

Charmin Ultra Soft Touch Toilet Paper

Just before the holidays Charmin reached out to me and asked if I wanted to let them help me plan my holiday party. They would send me some Charmin toilet paper (has always been my number 1 choice) and a gift card to help me pay for this party. Of course I didn’t say no but yet I had totally forgotten. Yes even the gift card was still sitting in my wallet. Seriously lucky my head was attached to my shoulders this holiday season or who knows where I would have left it.

I have always loved Charmin because it was soft and delicate on my sensitive parts. What can I say, I am a princess. When I go to Tobei’s work I refuse to use the washrooms and their 1 ply sandpaper crap they call toilet paper. But what I did not know was that it is actually tested to be nice to not only our sensitive parts but to our plumbing as well. Something to consider when your house is full of guests and your bathroom is always in use. 

So thanks to Charmin my guests did not get caught with their pants down in the search of toilet papers and our plumbing system lives to see another day.

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  1. I don’t think I have ever run out of TP, but boy would that be uncomfortable if I did LOL. Thank god you were able to get out and get some before your guests arrived.

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