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How to de-stress as a busy mom

Finding a little time to yourself every now and again can be almost impossible when you’re running around after the kids all day. It’s easy to find yourself getting stressed out especially when you have work and family responsibilities to balance. However, allowing yourself time to de-stress can be better for your productivity and better for your kids. No one wants a stressed-out mommy!

Finding that ‘me time’ can be tough, but if you have a good support network of friends and family, then make use of them! See if the grandparents will look after the kids for a weekend so you can spend a few days away with the girls. Or, you could hire a babysitter for the night and have a date night with your partner. Sometimes all it takes is a little adult conversation to help you de-stress.

Perhaps you are simply taking on too much at once. These days women can have it all but it can certainly be difficult to juggle it all. Maybe you need to consider cutting down on your hours at work or going part time? You might need to talk to your partner about splitting the housework more equally. It’s all too easy just to say ‘yes’ to every favour anyone asks and before you know it, you’re overwhelmed.

If you feel your stress is more deep-rooted or perhaps is affecting your health, then you need to seek professional help. A counsellor or a doctor may be able to offer the type of support you need. If you are more of a spiritual sort of person you might want to try a psychic reading from TheCircle to help give a little perspective on your life. Sometimes all you need is a chat with an outsider to get things off your chest.

You shouldn’t feel guilty about grabbing a few moments to yourself every now and again, whether it’s going for a relaxing walk or taking a hot bubble bath. Although it may be difficult, it will ultimately make you a happier parent.



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  1. I think my workouts are when I de-stress. I get to talk to other parents and work off some steam.

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