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Crying At The Hockey Game

Two weeks ago my friend Lissa posted on Facebook that ordering pizza had paid off. She managed to score 4 tickets to the Ottawa Senators hockey game in the Pizza Pizza suite. Of course my first response to her comment was “You are bringing me right”. Needless to say I am not one to shy away from bluntness. It totally worked though, she replied back that if we could get a sitter for the boys we could go out on a double date. With a quick phone call to my mom we had a sitter secured and I was looking forward to the night out. 

The night came and we dumped the kids on my mom and headed to the arena. Our seats were only accessible by elevator. As we were heading up someone got in and asked “Where you folks going?”. In true Tobei style my darling man pipes up “To the hockey game”. If only we had a sign to hand the dude all Jeff Foxworthy style.

Ottawa Senators Game

These were seriously awesome seats. I never want to go to a game again if not in a suite. Pizza Pizza greeted us with pizza and pop upon on arrival. There were 2 rows of seats but we decided to snag the seats at the bar type table which gave us a table for our food and drinks AND a clear view of the ice without a head in our way. Was pretty darn awesome.

The best moment of the game for me that night was during one of the breaks. Up on the jumbotron airs a video of a soldier in tans who is currently deployed. Being 2 days before Christmas I felt for this soldier. After he wishes a Merry Christmas to everyone he follows up with saying he wants to wish his wife and son a Merry Christmas who are in attendance at tonights game. The jumbotron shows the soldiers wife and son. The wife is teary, I am teary and Lissa is teary. Then Lissa and I look down in to the stadium to find everyone on their feet clapping. I fricking lost it. Full blown crying. Tobei was rubbing my back.  That was truly a special moment for me that night and made my night.

In close 2nd for best moment of the night would be that I got to see something I have not seen in a few years while attending an Ottawa Senators game……. they actually won 😉

Ottawa Senators Win

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  1. Aww, that is so sweet about the soldier. I can’t even imagine how happy his wife & son were.

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