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Christmas At Nolies Place

Another year, another Christmas. A perfect Christmas at that. Last year just before Christmas Tobei’s mom had a heart attack so spent Christmas in the hospital 4 hours away from us. Christmas just was not the same without her. This year 2 days before Christmas, Ontario got hit with a nasty ice storm. We were spared where we live but Tobei’s mom was not. She called us on the 23rd to say she probably won’t be here for Christmas. We were sad but what can you do. 

Christmas Eve day arrived and I woke up to a text from Tobei’s mom. “We are on the way, he doesn’t know unless you tell him”. I am HORRIBLE at keeping secrets. But somehow I managed to keep this one. His mom and brother arrived around 3pm and the smile on Tobei’s face and the almost tears made almost dying by keeping a secret well worth it.

We heated up appetizers for dinner then we all headed to Church for the family Christmas service. I loved having my mom, my mother in law and brother in law with us. Last year my mom couldn’t come has she had a migraine. We headed home after the service and it was time to prep for Santa.

First we had to make sure the Reindeer were fed to keep them going during their journey around the world.

Reindeer Food

Next we had to make sure Santa also had his tummy full for his journey. We kind of forgot to buy him cookies so we left out some of our Christmas Eve treats and egg nog for him to enjoy.

Treats and Eggnog for Santa

After that it was off to bed for everyone. I woke in the morning to find a quiet house. Mom was sleeping, Little Brother was sleeping and Tobei was sleeping. As I was about to crawl back in to bed I heard Big Brother’s door open. He had been awake for awhile but Nanny had kept him in his room. It was time to wake the rest of the house and head downstairs for the madness to begin.

Presents Under The Christmas Tree

Big Brother was so excited to see that he got a Stryder toy as it was all he had been asking for. Santa left it all set up so he could play with it right away. This left us time to get coffee made and into the mugs before opening presents.

It was a wonderful day minus some melt downs from Little Brother, he is like his mother and does not like to be woken up. We ended the day with a fantastic turkey dinner surrounded by family and loved ones.

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  1. It’s not Christmas in our house without a meltdown….and it sounds like it’s the same there 🙂 Glad Tobei’s mom made it & that you all had a great Christmas!!

  2. Sounds like you had a great Christmas- and a nice surprise too! Glad you remembered to feed the reindeer. We almost forgot, until my son reminded me, on Christmas Eve, and I had to brave the supermarket to get carrots!

  3. Glad you remembered to feed the reindeer. We almost forgot until my son reminded me, on Christmas Eve, and I had to brave the supermarket to get carrots!

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