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Christmas Lights

To kick off the holiday season this year I decided it was time to start a new tradition with the family. Going out to check out Christmas lights. Here in Ottawa there is a street called Taffy Lane that is known for it’s amazing Christmas lights displays. Every house on this quiet street is fully decorated and thousands of people flock to Taffy Lane to take in the sights.

Rumor has it that December 1st is when Taffy Lane is ready for visitors. We headed out on December 2nd and were disappointed. Only about 60% of the houses were done and no where near as amazing as pictures I have seen. I did manage to find one house worthy of snapping a picture.

Christmas Lights

I was not going to admit defeat though so we set out driving around town to find some amazing Christmas displays. We first found this house where I made Tobei pull over where signs clearly stated no stopping because I just HAD to have a picture. It was AMAZING!

House with great Christmas lights

While taking this picture another woman doing the same told us about another awesome house on Larkhaven that was a must see. So we programmed the street into our GPS and headed out. I am glad I ran into this lady. This house was worth the find and worth the like on their facebook page Those Lights On Larkhaven.

Those Lights on Larkhaven

It was getting late and the kids were getting cranky so we packed it in and headed home. Next year I need to plan better so we spend less time driving around and more time actually seeing lights.


  1. At least you did end up seeing some lights, but I hear ya on the planning next time. Been there done that.

  2. Oh wow! Even from the photos those look like some really great light displays :) Hopefully next year will go smoother for you!

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