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Celebrate Easter with Playhouse Disney

Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs

Easter week-end is upon house and I am sure the little ones are getting excited. I know mine is. Little Man did an Easter egg hunt at school today and was super excited to tell me about it when he got home. I am so thankful that we are done all our Easter shopping and can just stay home for the week-end and enjoy our time together as a family. Just wish the Mother Nature was in a better mood. They are calling for rain all week-end. Not cool in this momma’s books.

So do you do anything exciting or special to make memories of Easter for your children? I remember when I was a child on year my mom took all the tin foil off the chocolate eggs and rolled them up in balls. She then used them to make a path through our house that I had to follow to find the hidden treats. Her story was that it was Easter Bunny poop. Now to this day I remember it and it really was a cute idea in theory but really…. Easter Bunny poop? Guess he is too busy to stop to use the bathroom. This year since Little Man is the right age we are creating our own “path” for him to follow. We are going to start with a card from the Easter Bunny and it will have a picture of something in our house. He will then go to that spot and find a plastic egg with a candy in it and another picture. When he is done following the clues he will find his stash of new outside toys and a bigger chocolate egg. I think it is a super cute idea and am hoping it works out as well as I have planned in my head.

Playhouse Disney is also celebrating Easter with an Easter themed Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on April 24th at 9am. Mickey and the gang are preparing for an Easter party when Pete says the password incorrectly, blowing the clubhouse away. Now it’s up to Mickey to travel far and wide to get it back. I know my family will be tuning in to watch it. I hope yours will be as well if you can. Or PVR it if you will be out with family or at Church so the kids can watch it later.

Disclosure: I’m part of the Playhouse Disney Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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  1. Although I was too busy to pay close attention, I think that Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode aired 4/22 at 8am, and will replay at 7am 4/23 and 4/24. I think. Do you know the name of the episode? It’s the easiest way for me to check, I’ve been recording everything Easter this week to play over the weekend.

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