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A Little Girls Birthday Shows What It Means To Be A Military Family

Just before Christmas a military family arrived in Ottawa to make it home. What a tough time to move in my opinion. Middle of the school year and right before the holidays. Being a military community we welcomed them with open arms.

I first met the husband the day he arrived in Ottawa. He had posted in our community group looking for car seats. His car seats had not yet made the journey to Ottawa as his wife and kids flew down. I came to the rescue along with my friend Mel to help them out. This was the beginning of the friendship.

A Little Girls Birthday Shows What It Means To Be A Military Family

Today was his 4 year old daughters birthday. They have been in Ottawa for 3 months. In the civilian world it would be hard to have a circle of friends this shortly after the move. However this is the military we are talking about. I sat in their military housing that was loud and crowded. Seven families were in attendance, if I am counting right there were 14 kids. The kids played, the adults chatted, we passed around the newest baby. We opened present and we had cake.

While I sat there beside Mel it hit me, this is what being a part of the military family is about. I leaned over and said it to Mel. Only 3 months in a brand new city and here was a packed house celebrating a little girls birthday. You would have a hard time finding this outside the military. We open our arms, homes and hearts to every new family posted in. It is what we do. That is part of what being a military family is about. I am proud to be a part of this giant family.

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  1. My husband is retired US military and before we met, he moved around a lot. I couldn’t have handled that myself, so I am glad he did it before me.

  2. Aw, that’s awesome! I love it when you’re part of a smaller community that makes the world seem like a small place. We’ve found that living in university student housing (we’re all parents juggling school so you bond quick) or in our church (you know people even after you move around a bit). This was beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

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