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Beginning My Driving Journey… Again

I grew up living in downtown Ottawa. Because of this I never needed a licence. There was always a bus to bring you somewhere. In fact if my mom wanted to ground me all she had to do was take away my bus pass.

I then met a boy and he had a car. We were together for 7ish years. On my 19th birthday we were heading to visit his parents and while stopped at a red light we get rear ended hard. Our exhaust system was sitting on the ground and our car was a write off. We didn’t make it to his parents that day. In fact I walked home (3 blocks away) and cracked open a cooler. The next day we set off again to go visit his parents. I would not let him drive the same way past where we had the accident. This time we make it about 15 minutes from home. Once again we are sitting at a red light and once again we are rear ended.

I would not get back in a car for a few days. Our insurance company gave us a rental car and I really wanted to ride in this nice pretty shiny car. So we called his parents and said we were coming to visit. We got out there and that was the last time I got in a car for almost 8 months. We ended up moving into his parents house and my mom and my boyfriend had to pack our apartment and move it because I could not go do it myself.

Four years later I got my G1 (known to Americans as a learner’s permit). Here in Ontario you have a G1 where you must drive with a licensed driver, G2 where you can drive on your own but got some restrictions then your G which is your full licence. I received my G1 and slowly started to try driving. My first time driving I almost hit a rabbit. Instead I slammed on the brakes and threw my hands over my eyes. A few weeks later I got in the car, started driving and the brakes were not working. I tried driver’s ed but never made it past the in class part.

Boy and I split up and I did not drive again for 2 years. I was now living in Kingston where the bus system is a joke. I needed a licence. So I started lessons with Young Drivers. I got most of my in class finished and started my in car. However then I had no access to a car to drive. The only experience I received was with my instructor. One time we were driving downtown during rush hour and if it wasn’t for the instructor I may have hit a car. Stupid stop and go traffic. At the end of my lessons we did a dry run of the G1 exit test. My instructor told me I can drive and I know how, but before going for my real test I needed more practice to have the confidence.

Still not much access to a car or a fully licensed driver since Tobei was deployed. I once called my dad to take me shopping and let me drive. I get about 2 blocks from my house and the car dies in the middle of a stupid turning lane. Thankfully I somehow got it into the gas station that was right there. Car was dead and off to the junk yard it went. As you can see me and cars do not get along.

Now here I am 30 years old, 2 kids, a military wife and no licence. Enough is enough. I need my licence. It is no longer a nice to have, it is a must have. I can not bring myself to get in the car just yet though and drive it with my kids in the back seat.

So starting tomorrow I am beginning my journey once more of becoming a licensed driver. Young Drivers not only offers the full course including both in class and in car but they also have packages you can buy of extra in car lessons. Because I have already done the in class twice with two different companies I am going to be taking their 4x45min in car lessons package.

I am terrified, excited, nervous and a whole bunch of other emotions. However I am so looking forward to having the confidence to be behind the wheel and to finally become a licensed driver. I will have freedom, I will be able to get around much easier on my own and with the kids and Tobei can go on course knowing I got it all under control.

I hope you will follow my journey and root me on as I will be sharing it all with you right here on the blog.

Disclaimer: Young Drivers has been kind enough to sponsor my journey to getting behind the wheel again by providing me with access to these lessons free of charge.

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  1. You can do it!!!!! I’m very proud of you hun!

  2. You’re gonna do great! You know, this journey would make a great vlog series! 🙂

  3. I don’t know why it always surprises me to hear when someone doesn’t drive….my own mother doesn’t have her drivers licence. It’s just one of those things I assume everyone has I guess – but you had good reasons not to get your licence up until now, so it’s not like you were just sitting around waiting for someone to drive you.

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