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Become a Field Agent and win a $50 VISA gift card

How would you like to earn money from doing simple tasks while you are out and about anyways? It is simple to do with an app called Field Agent. I first heard about Field Agent from a friend when I was at Blissdom Canada. She had mentioned it in passing and while I meant to check it out I totally forgot. When it was brought up to me last week I decided to act now and download the app before I forgot.

What is Field Agent?

Field Agent is a simple iPhone app that pays you money for your opinions and observations – both in-store and at home. Users – known also as Field Agents – are invited to collect information for some of your favourite retailers and brands by completing assignments such as taking product surveys, conducting price checks or snapping a photo of a retail display. Agents earn a minimum of $2.00 for each assignment and some jobs can be as rich as $50.00 or more! Once the job is completed Agents are paid through their PayPal account, often within just 24 hours of completing a successful job.

As you can see it is pretty darn simple. While you are out and about just load up the app and you can search for jobs near your location. For all you know you can be standing right beside something that you can check out and earn money for doing so. Sounds like some easy money we are kissing away by not being a Field Agent. Those jobs can add up quickly too and pay for some pretty awesome Christmas presents at this time of year.


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  1. How cool is that – I am going to sign up today!

  2. I just signed up and my field agent score is 85.

  3. My score is 85

  4. My field agent score is 85

  5. Melissa Docherty says:

    That app is freaking cool!