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Allergies, Asthma and Circumcision OH MY

Well it has been a busy few days over at Nolie’s Place. I am sure Big Brother will be happy for a break.

heart shaped egg

A few years ago he tested positive for an allergy to eggs. It was only a minor allergy but I could not get this kid to eat eggs once I was comfortable trying them out. I finally had enough arguing and told him we would get him tested again. Yesterday we were off to the allergist for testing. Lucky for us the test came out saying he has ZERO egg allergy. The allergist made a point of telling him he was no longer allergic and he needs to eat eggs so he can grow big and strong.

While we were waiting on the results from his allergy test they also checked him out for asthma. I have asthma and when they boys are sick they have wheezing. We have an inhaler to give them when they are sick. Kids can not be tested until they are 5 years old so now that Big Brother is 6 we finally were able to get it done. That test came back perfect as well. No breathing concerns. Just keep giving him the inhaler as needed when sick. WOOHOO!!!

doctor in front of hospital

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Last but not least we today were off to Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. Which may I add is a WONDERFUL hospital and I am so happy to have it as part of our community. A few months ago Big Brother was complaining that his private parts were hurting him. We brought him to the doctor where we found out their was some scarring and he may need to be circumcised. I broke down in tears in the doctors office. (No this is not a debate on circumcision, to each their own). I was VERY happy to find out circumcision is not the first course of action. Instead we are to apply a cream twice a day every day for the next 8 weeks. The hope is that this cream will loosen the skin and no other action will need to be taken. Cross your fingers for us. I did ask how come he had scarring and he said it is possible he may have pulled back the skin before it was ready or someone else while changing his diapers. Due to the minimal scarring I am thinking it was Big Brother. I refuse to think that someone else may have done it when I have told EVERYONE do NOT pull the skin back.

So all in all the past 48 hours have brought good news from the doctors front. I am sure Big Brother will be happy to NOT see another doctor though anytime soon.

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  1. Yay for no more egg allergy! Nick’s is starting to go away, so I know how great that is. A lot of kids outgrow it around 3, so it’s not surprising he did. Woohoo to no asthma too. I’ve been wondering if Nick has it because he gets a bad cough with the simplest cold. I hope everything heals up OK too. I can’t imagine making a little kid go through that surgery when they could remember it. 🙁 Ow!

  2. That’s awesome about no asthma and egg allergy! It’s awesome when kids outgrow stuff like that – it opens up a whole new world of eating yummy things, too 🙂

  3. I used to go to Sick Kids (I’m assuming that’s the hospital you’re talking about) and my sons will both go yearly too. I love it, it’s a great hospital. I’m glad that the cream might help! Poor little bug.

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