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5 Things I Could Not Live Without Daily

Last week I invited you to learn 5 things about me from walking through my house. This week Trisha over at MomDot has another fun carnival idea to show you 5 things I could not live without daily. Hopefully you are enjoying learning about me as I am enjoying these carnivals.

5 Things I Could Not Live Without Daily

1. My Keurig machine. I think if I didn’t have to share a bed with Tobei I would let this machine sleep in the bed. Quick, yummy and hot coffee meets me in seconds every single morning.


2. Pistachios. My favourite snack of all time. It’s a sad day when I run out.

3. My iPhone. It is with me everywhere I go. I always got to be in the know or checking on the weather. It even charges right beside my bed at night.

4. My Laptop. Once upon a time I hated laptops. In fact I still prefer my desktop. However my laptop allows me to still be online and blog while the kids are awake.

5. My PVR. I hate commercials with a passion. Thanks to the PVR I can record my shows and watch them when I want. This also means I can fast forward commercials. I never watch a show live anymore. I will watch it an hour later just so I can skip commercials. I also never have to remember when my shows are on since they are all programmed. The PVR does all the work for me and my favourite shows magically appear in to the be watched list.

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  1. Great list!!! I couldn’t live with out my laptop either. 🙂

  2. I have to have my coffee too! I love that Keurig machine! Something to think about on my Christmas list… the laptop is also a must, especially for us bloggers…

  3. Whats a PVR? Mine is called a DVR… what is the P?

  4. My phone and laptop are great – but I probably COULD live without them (though I wouldn’t want to!!)

  5. I totally forgot about my iPhone!!! Good one 🙂 These were my five:

  6. Girl, we both posted our coffee first – you can tell what has our hearts 🙂 I also love pistachios – YUMMY! Have you ever tried the flavored ones or are they sacrilege?

  7. I think a lot of us could not live without a computer. LOL and congrats on your healthy snack ‘must have’ with the Pistachios.

  8. I’m 100% with you on the Keurig … it’s the one appliance I will never ever be without.

  9. I so want a Keurig and I love Pistachios too.

  10. Totally with ya on the iphone and laptop. I am hungry for pistachios now lol

  11. Oh goodness…. pistachios are so loved here too! And I couldn’t live without our DVR either. I wonder what the differences are between ours and the PVR.

  12. Hehe – we call them a DVR here in the us 🙂

    And I could not live without my k-cup maker, either. Best invention ever.

  13. I love pistachios too. In fact I recently got sick from eating too many.

  14. I would love to have a PVR, and if I did it would probably be on my list!

  15. My 5 things are: coffee machine, smartphone, laptop, training watch, running shoes

    • I wonder what would be the answer for our parents when they were our ages. You know considering smartphones, laptops and fancy coffee makers weren’t around back then.

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