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4 Funny Pregnancy Moments

Pregnancy will bring about a whole new level of humility for women. The polite wife who has never passed gas in front of her husband may find herself in some uncomfortable territory. The bashful friend may need your help hiding the fact that she just peed on your new couch. And you may even find yourself bombing the public restroom more often than you could ever imagine! All of these embarrassing moments will be well worth the flushed face when your little one arrives with rosy cheeks of their own.

4 Funny Pregnancy Moments

Keep Walking:

When Jeanine was pregnant with her first child she had the worst gas ever! It smelled worse than anything someone could possibly imagine and it managed to happen….. anywhere! Whenever she would pass it she would quickly tell her husband to “Keep Walking”. These two words let him know that he needed to hold his breath and get out of the area as quickly as possible.

Because this flatulence happened frequently, and anywhere, she was known to stink bomb just about anyone in any public location. During a visit to the local baby store, she was no longer able to hide it. A pregnant lady moving quickly was a dead giveaway to the unsuspecting dad who walked into it.

“WOW! Oh my (gag)!…. I am so sorry. I did not mean to say that out loud. Wow, that’s going to be one strong kid!”

I can see my feet!

Sophie and Melanie were young pregnant mothers happily chatting while their husbands talked about…. them. Both men were discussing their new chores of helping their wives shave their legs and put on their shoes. Embarrassed, both women said “I CAN still see my feet!’ and began to look down. As they looked, they had no idea they were both bent completely over.

Don’t laugh:

Whether it is your first pregnancy or your fifth, laughter can be both your best friend and your wost enemy. It really just depends on how prepared you are for it.

Amy went into delivery prepared for anything. With her first child, she remembered hating those hospital footsies so she splurged and bought herself a nice set of comfy socks.

After she arrived at the hospital, she changed out of her maternity clothing, slipped into her socks and braced herself for the long day ahead.

Soon thereafter, Amy received a telephone call from a family member. It was her clueless brother who was taking delight in poking fun at her. While she stood near the window laughing at his hysterics, she felt something running down her legs. She yelled at her brother for making her pee on her new socks when the nurse corrected her…

“No dear, your water just broke”

You’re Scaring People:

Haley’s natural labor efforts were not going as planned. She had no idea what she was getting herself into and after twelve hours of screaming her midwife came in and asked if they could move her to another room.


Her midwife sat on the edge of her bed and calmly said “You’re scaring the other moms sweetie.”

What funny pregnancy moments have you experienced?

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  1. I don’t know if it’s funny or not, but one day when I was at work a woman came up to me, grabbed my breasts and told me she loved pregnancy breasts. I literally slapped her in the face. She was shocked and thought it was completely acceptable to grab another woman’s breasts.

  2. Having had 5 kids I could write a book on pregnancy. Wet pants, having a baby inside me and a baby sitting on my big belly (middle two were a bit close in age) and all the comments that brings. My youngest was a huge surprise. The first 4 were born in 5.5 years and then 5 years later I find out #5 is on the way. First it started with me being very sick. My husband was a pastor and two of the deacons came over to talk to him but he had no returned from a call yet. I could hardly move without bringing everything or nothing up and we had not told anyone I was pregnant yet. These two guys were so worried about the way I looked and was feeling and I decided to break the news as they were guessing what bug I had or what I ate to make me so sick. I told them I thought it was #5. One deacon got it, the other one was puzzled and said he knew what #1 was and knew what #2 meant but could not figure out what #5 was!

    Pregnancy went on about that way with her! I had my kids quick with little labor so informed the new dr. that when I call she better meet me at the hospital as most times I was not there very long. The know it all doc did not listen. I arrived and she did not but they called her and told her I was dilated 7 (the same number that all my other kids came at!) I told the nurse to get her in here now, and was told she was not even in the hospital. She came in about 10 minutes later and walked into the room in a fur coat and evening gown (It was almost 7 AM! She walked out of the room and said call me when you need me, took two steps out of the room when we yelled to get back in… she came back to tell me I was not ready and delivered my baby with a “fathers gown” in front of her nice coat and gown!

    We had a good laugh even though hubby thought for a bit there he was going to have to deliver!

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