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12 Days of Christmas: Ceiva Pro 80

CEIVA Pro 80 Are you looking for the perfect gift for a mother or grandmother in your family? Do you have kids and wish there was a way to share photos with their grandparents who are not good with computers or who don’t even own a computer let alone have the internet?

I was once this person. My mom didn’t have a computer and when I did get her one she wasn’t very good with it except to get onto sites to play games. So 2 years ago I bought my mom a digital photo frame and a memory card which I filled with pictures for her. I thought this was the best gift ever. Until she phoned me one day and said she wanted new pictures on her frame so could I come do that for her. I could do that however I live 2 hours away. Maybe buying her the frame wasn’t a good idea.

Then along came the Ceiva Pro 80.


Product Description

Designed for photo enthusiasts who want more ways to access their entire photo collection, the CEIVA Pro 80 offers built-in Media Server connectivity to let you stream photos instantly from your computer over your home network. You can also connect at the speed of Wi-Fi (included) or optional broadband for fast access to new slide shows sent directly from friends and family located anywhere across the world. Also featuring a high-res 8″ display, memory card reader, Wi-Fi adapter, intuitive on-screen menus and interchangeable face plates to suit any home or office setting, the CEIVA Pro 80 is far different from any ordinary digital photo frame.

Features Include

  • Phone and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Media Server connectivity
  • Built-in memory card reader
  • Interchangeable black and wood-finish face plates (included) or custom skin designs (optional via
  • Easy-to-use on screen menu to control display modes, rotation and deletion, slide show transition and timing, screen on and off times and more.
  • Perfect True-to-Photo display (no stretching, cropping or squishing)
  • PicturePlan photo delivery service required — 1 year included
    • Invite friends and family to send photos to your frame from anywhere in the world — for free.
    • Unlimited photo storage and customization, channel selections (news, weather, calendar, sports & more) and greeting cards.
    • PicturePlan Lifetime Warranty

Ceiva Pro 80 Special Holiday Pricing

  • CEIVA Pro80 Starter Pack (includes one-year PicturePlan Photo Delivery Service and WiFi adapter)- $119.95
  • CEIVAshare Starter Pack (includes one-year PicturePlan Photo Delivery Service)- $99.95 (Wifi adapter optional)
  • We also have free shipping for orders over $99.
  • Purchase any two frames (not including outlet items) and receive $10 off.
  • Purchase any three frames (not including outlet items) and receive $20 off.

Ceiva Pro 80 Review

This is the perfect photo frame to send to grandparents or to other family members who would love to display family photos. I love that the Ceiva Pro 80 frame can have pictures sent to it from anyone you invite. My sister can be out with my nieces and nephew and take an amazing picture of them on their outing and can use her phone to send the picture to my frame. My mom (who recently bought herself a fancy smart phone that she doesn’t know how to use) can take pictures of family members and send them to the phone for us to see. My best friend can send me pictures from facebook to make sure I don’t miss them. It is amazing.

I can send pictures directly to the frame from one of the many ways listed above. No longer do I have to sort pictures on my computer and then upload them all to a memory card. The frame itself holds up to 60 of the latest pictures but on the website you can set it to recycle the pictures. All pictures that are sent to the frame are stored in albums online. When the frame is done showing your newest photos it will display the older ones.

The Ceiva Pro 80 is not only easy to set up and use but you never have to worry about updating your memory card again. You can use a memory card with the frame but I chose not to. This way I always have new and refreshing photos to look at whenever I glance over at the gorgeous and modern digital picture frame sitting on my end table.

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