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Let Them Watch TV Time #StreamTeam

Everybody is a parenting expert. Doesn't matter if they have 1 kid, 20 kids or even no kids at all. Heck, I thought I was an expert before I became a parent. Expectations are way different from reality, though. I am not afraid to admit my TV sometimes is my babysitter. Sorry but I am human and need some peace and quiet sometimes or even a shower without a kid poking their head in the shower. So I say let them watch TV! TV believe it or not is actually educational and filled with great life … [Read more...]

Beauty and the Beast Teaser Trailer

Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” is a live-action re-telling of the studio’s animated classic which refashions the classic characters from the tale as old as time for a contemporary audience, staying true to the original music while updating the score with several new songs. Like many people I grew up with Disney. I have been sharing the Disney magic with my kids and getting Disney Movies as I can for them to fall in love with just as I did as a child. We also love finding new Disney movies to … [Read more...]

Why Using Mobility Scooter Is a Great Choice

In this article, we generally look at the significance and benefits of mobility scooters for those with restricted mobility but wish to maintain maximum and safe access to the home and community, conserve energy and enjoy their lives fully. Almost all of us have faced difficulty with our mobility at some point in our life, whether it was our own, or that of a loved one. People facing a personal mobility deficit due to an accident, medical condition or old age will require a power … [Read more...]

Beginning My Journey To A Better and Healthy Me

I am sure you have noticed the blog has been pretty dead. Life got in my way big time. I am not going to lie. In the winter, Tobei and I were on our way to a divorce. Things got very bad for awhile to the point that I left and went to stay with my dad for a few days and collect my thoughts. Thankfully we are not scared to ask for help and we sought out couple counselling. We are now in a new year, a new season and doing fantastic. Now that I have saved my marriage it is time to turn all that … [Read more...]

Canada’s Vape Expo Toronto 2016 ~ Wordless Wednesday

About 2 years ago Tobei and I discovered Vaping. At first, we didn't pay too much attention to it but then one day we looked into it more and it changed our lives. I shared with you a few months ago how I quit smoking thanks to vaping. One can use vaping just to quit smoking and then quit vaping altogether or one can continue to vape and be a part of the subculture which is what Tobei and I have done. This past week-end we took some adult time and left the kids with Grandma to go and spend … [Read more...]

Uplift Your Home Exterior with these Beautiful Cladding Designs

The home cladding industry has definitely come a long way since aluminium siding was first introduced over sixty years ago. Today’s materials are durable, extremely long lasting and able to withstand the toughest conditions that our unique climate and soaring temperatures can throw at them. Yet modern cladding is not only strong and resilient, it is also quite beautiful. In terms of cladding designs, even the most discerning home owner may be surprised at the range of profiles, colours and … [Read more...]

How To Get Siblings To Agree On TV #StreamTeam

If you are one of what I call the smart ones you had your kids within 2 years of each other. This means they can play along nicely and usually have similar interests. However if you are anything like me those siblings are 4 years apart which makes finding things they both will enjoy not always an easy task. Lucky for me Netflix celebrated siblings during April and came up with Netflix Siblings Playlists! Great lists such as; A Tale of Two Distant Ages Playlist - Fret no longer, this … [Read more...]

Crazy Wedding Ideas You Never Thought Are Possible

You have been to so many weddings this year and it hasn’t even reached summer yet. You want to see something inventive or even slightly crazy at the next one or else you just might want to decline the next invite. Or maybe you are planning your own wedding and you want to include some quirky ideas into your own party. Either way, this article can give you just what you need in terms of ideas. If you want advice and tips around planning an awesome wedding that you and your guests will never … [Read more...]

Dear Doctors

Dear Doctors I got a bone or two to pick with you. I understand you are busy and your time is limited but I appreciate you taking the time to read this open letter. I recently changed doctors. Finding a new doctor is hard up here in Canada but I could no longer stay with the doctor I had. When your child is sick and you call to see the doctor telling me you can see my son in 3 weeks is NOT acceptable. After this happening numerous times, this mom decided it was time to find a new doctor. I … [Read more...]

4 Modern Wedding Proposals to Sweep her off her Feet

Any kind of proposal involving two people who deeply love each other is a delight. No matter where or how it is done, as long as it’s not during a sky dive 15,000ft from the ground; it is sure to make your woman gush. Sure, a true love getting down on one knee is a picture every woman dreams of seeing in her lifetime but if you want to make it even more special, we thought we’d share some tips on how you can propose to her differently. A milestone movie This is very easy and requires a … [Read more...]