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Thanksgiving Crafts Round Up

Thanksgiving Crafts

Today marks the first day of fall. Fall is my favourite season. The colours are vibrant, the weather is perfect and we celebrate Thanksgiving. What better way to prepare for Thankgiving and celebrate the season than making Thanksgiving crafts with the family. Thanksgiving Dessert Plates - Gather supplies from your local dollar stuff for … [Read more...]

3 Easy Steps For Purging Kids Toys ~ Homemaker Monday Link Up

3 Easy Steps For Purging Kids Toys

Toys seem to grow without much help from humans. It’s important to spend time once or twice a year purging your kid’s toys so that your family is not overwhelmed. I wanted to spend time telling you the steps I take in order to purge our toys and make life a little less chaotic. 3 Easy Steps For Purging Kids Toys   #1. Analyze the Toys I … [Read more...]

All About That Bass Mom Parody – I Just Need Some Space

For your Saturday light reading pleasure. Was bad enough I was hooked on the song All About That Bass but now we got the parody I Just Need Some Space. I can totally relate. Can you? … [Read more...]

Unwrap A Smile With Kinder Canada #KinderSmiles #KinderMom

KINDER SURPRISE Transformers toys

I am excited and honoured to announce that I get the pleasure of calling myself a Kinder Mom again. I was chosen to take part in the 2014-2015 KINDER® SURPRISE® parent influencer program. What does this mean for you? That means lots of Kinder news, Kinder giveaways and celebrating childhood. I am excited and hope you are too. In Kinder style … [Read more...]

My Writing Process

My Writing Process

If you looked at my draft folder for blog posts you would probably want to cry. I currently have approximatley 150 posts sitting in draft mode. There is a good reason for this. When I find ideas for posts I save them as draft so I always will have something to write about. My favourite place to go to get prompts is The SITS Girls. At the beginning … [Read more...]


no ipods

Monday night Tobei and I were getting ready to head to bed when we hear a giggle coming from upstairs. We both look at each other in disbelief as I head upstairs to check on the kids. I open Big Brothers door and find him lying in bed playing on his iPod. Did I mentioned it was 11:45 at night? This wasn't the first time this has happened. I grabbed … [Read more...]

How To Organize Seasonal Clothing Fall Edition ~ Homemaker Monday Link Up

How to organize seasonal clothing (Fall Edition)

Who thought that fall would get here so quickly? Now that it’s here there’s no going back and the warmer clothes must be taken out of storage. Here are some tips for making this task not feel like such a chore. #1. Make a List One way to make this chore less of a strenuous task is to make a list of what needs to be done. When you can … [Read more...]

Big Fish Games Gummy Drop Review

Big Fish Games Gummy Drop

You can never get bored when you are a fan of Big Fish Games. They are constantly releasing new games for desktop and mobile. This past week was no different as they introduced us to Gummy Drop for iOS. About Gummy Drop Gummy Drop is a unique mobile game offering players more than just matching by combining the Match-3 and resource management … [Read more...]

Disney Countdown Is On

Magic Kingdom Fireworks

48!!!!!! That is the magic number as of today. The Disney countdown is on and I am like a kid counting down to Christmas. I have been a very busy lady planning the trip. I have a feeling I over planned but that is ok. I am totally aware that I have young children and we may have to take unscheduled breaks, ends days earlier and probably won't … [Read more...]

Road Trip ~ Wordless Wednesday

New York Road Trip Shopping

I have never owned a passport as I never needed one. Last time I went to the US was 10 years ago and a passport wasn't needed. Now that we are heading to Disney next month it was kind of important for not only myself but my family to get passports. Our passports arrived last Wednesday. My friend Mel had been bugging me to go shopping in New York … [Read more...]