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Big Fish Games Brings Gummy Drop to PC

Big Fish Games Gummy Drop

It is no secret that I love Big Fish Games. I have blogged about their games a ton. Every time and e-mail from them pops up in my inbox I get super excited. It was no different when they reached out to me this past month. I opened up my e-mail to see that they wanted me to review their newest PC game Gummy Drop. I am not going to lie. I got a little disappointed. I reviewed Gummy Drop for iOS when it as first released and did not enjoy the game. However I did make note that it would make … [Read more...]

Feeling Like A Kid Again With Netflix Throwbacks #StreamTeam

Scooby-Doo thumbnail

As I child I had speech delays that had me taking one on one classes all through elementary school to learn how to properly pronounce different letter in the alphabet. Because of this I had my own words for daily things in my life. My mom likes to tell cute stories about it every now on then. For example I called cookies do-dos. But my favorite of them all was Dooby Doo AKA Scooby-Doo. Not only does my mom like to tell the Dooby Doo story but so do I. As a young child say 3ish everytime … [Read more...]

Disaster Preparedness: Be Ready in an Emergency ~ Homemaker Monday

Disaster Preparedness 11 Things To Keep In Your Emergency Kit

Disaster preparedness is not something we usually want to talk about, but if an emergency comes up, you’ll be happy that you took the time to prepare. There are always reports of man-made and natural disasters in the news. Fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes and floods do occur often. Gas or water line breaks, or power outages during storms can happen, too. This list will get you started with a good emergency stockpile. FOOD/SNACKS Include easy to prepare and non-perishable food … [Read more...]



My mission was to visit every single theme park that Walt Disney World had to offer no matter the reviews. I remember visiting Epcot as a child and hating it. I was now an adult with 2 kids and a husband who had never been so off we went to Epcot to see it through a new set of eyes. I had planned the day in two parts which works out well since Epcot is divided into two main parts anyways, Future World and World Showcase. First up for us was Future World which is where all the rides … [Read more...]

Happy 8th Birthday Big Brother

Big Brother Turns 8

Dear Big Brother, I can not believe it has been 8 years since I became your mom. It has been 8 amazing years and I am so proud of you. You are such a sweet, kind and helpful boy. You amaze me with your kindness towards your brother. You are a great example to him and I know he looks up to you. I look forward to the many years ahead of us and seeing you grow more and more each day. Love Always Mom This letter has been brought to you as part of my not so wordless Wordless Wednesday. … [Read more...]

Animal Kingdom

Disney's Animal Kingdom

When planning our Walt Disney World trip I tried to be strategic. I was travelling with the entire family and this was our first big vacation. Because of this I decided our first day at Walt Disney World we would spend at Animal Kingdom. Animal Kingdom is the smaller of the parks with the shortest opening hours. I had read everywhere that this Animal Kingdom could easily be completed in one day so it was the winner for our first park visit. Surprisingly we woke up bright and early even … [Read more...]

Train Time ~ A Wordless Wednesday Post

Train Time

The other day I noticed the children were really quiet. As most parents know when the children are quiet that usually means trouble. I came up from the basement to find this. It has since become something they do every day. I love seeing them play together without arguing. … [Read more...]

Feeling Rich and Famous ~ Wordless Wednesday

The Phoenician Casitas

In May I went to Mom 2.0 Summit in Arizona. I had an amazing time and got to meet some amazing people. When I arrived at The Phoenician I was told I was staying in one of their casitas. I had no idea what that meant and was confused when they had a bellman come to drive me and my luggage to my room. I was amazed when I got to our room. I was definitely staying in luxury and felt all rich and famous. As soon as I finished unpacking I skyped Tobei to show him the room and the view from my room. … [Read more...]

Keeping the Backyard Organized ~ Homemaker Monday

Keeping the Backyard Organized

We know with the summer upon us and schools letting out the kids are going to be outside A LOT! How can we keep the backyard organized and clean while still getting use out of it? If your backyard has things scattered about, then the first thing you need to do is gather everything and put it all in one pile. That way you can sort through it and find a place for it all. Having some outdoor storage is one of the best things you can do to help keep your backyard organized. If you need a … [Read more...]

Our Walt Disney World Familymoon

Walt Disney World Entrance

This series has been a long time coming. I have wanted to write it for months but life just kept getting in the way. However now is the time. No more distractions life. I am going to document our Walt Disney World Familymoon. What is a familymoon you ask? It is a honeymoon where the entire family goes. We had many things to celebrate such as Big Brother's adoption by Tobei and the fact that Tobei and I finally got married. So instead of a honeymoon with just the two of us, we packed up … [Read more...]