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Integrity Orthopedic Memory Foam Joint Relief Bolster Dog Bed Review

Having a large dog makes buying dog beds a royal pain in the you know what. I have a Golden Lab and she is on the obese side of the scale. Even when she wasn't obese though buying her a bed was a pain. There are so many cute beds out there, but they are for smaller dogs. Every bed I have ever bought for her she has never been able to fully fit on the bed. We started to settle for using an old blanket as her bed upstairs and a bed almost big enough to hold her in the living room. She prefers the … [Read more...]

Survive Nasty Fall Weather With Netflix #streamteam

Recently we have had quite the nasty run of rainy days here. These kinds of drab days can provoke house cleaning, organization, or just help to induce a vegetative state in which everyone seems to laze around the house. So if you find yourself and your kids gravitating towards the latter, I've found that sitting and relaxing with the kids during these times and punching up a classic bit of nostalgia to enjoy with them was an excellent way to make those dull days fly by.   Our latest … [Read more...]

Getting Kids to Love Math

Let’s face it: there are some subjects in school that kids just hate, and all across the world, math tops the list of subjects kids can never seem to appreciate. According to the Toronto Star, this has resulted in a third of all students in college being in danger of failing first-year math. But it’s not just school that’s affected by this aversion to numbers – children find it difficult to even count their change at the cash register, or to figure out how much money they need. Innumeracy is a … [Read more...]

Decluttering With VarageSale

I have wrote before about how I am constantly trying to keep our house decluttered. We live in a small home (900sqft) and have 2 kids and a pretty good sized dog. This means we need room for our bodies to be able to move around the home. Due to the fact that my children are spoiled it often look like a toy store throw up on every level of our home. This is why I am always looking for things I can sale or donate. I have used Kijiji in the past but it is so cluttered that my ads never get seen. … [Read more...]

Quick Weeknight Meal Ideas ~ Homemaker Monday

Everyone is busy this time of year. During the Fall, kids have homework, sports practices or other school activities. I don’t have time to spend hours cooking a meal at night, plus we don’t want to eat too late since the kids have to get to bed on time. Here are some meal ideas that will be quick and healthy for your busy weeknights.   I know weekends are busy too, but it can really help to get a jump start on your cooking for the week. Cooking some meat for your Sunday dinner can … [Read more...]

Downtown Disney and Chef Mickey

We have covered the parks we visited during our familymoon to Walt Disney World. Now it is time to cover our visits to Downtown Disney and Chef Mickey at Disney's Contemporary Resort. Our visit to Chef Mickey's Let's start with our visit to Chef Mickey at Disney's Contemporary Resort. Chef Mickey's is one of the top 3 hardest reservations to get. So when our time came up to make dining reservations the very first one I entered was Chef Mickey's.  I couldn't get it. So I spent the next 2 … [Read more...]

Symbicort for Asthma Sufferers

Allergies represent some of the most common diseases. Even though they are usually more common for children, they can appear in adults as well. According to definition provided by You! Drugstore, allergy represents a volatile reaction of the body to otherwise harmless substances that are present in our midst. As our world becomes more polluted and filled with different odors and chemical products, chance of getting some type of allergy increases. This is precisely why there is a steady increase … [Read more...]

Get Ready For Picture Day With Kandoo ~ Givaway

It is no secret I am a little bit happy about it being back to school time. The kids are being educated by someone other than me for 8 hours a day and I get 8 hours a day to work on myself, the blog and my housework. Did you know that it is possible to keep your house clean for 8 hours while you are awake? Just clean it as soon as the kids are out the door. First day of school at Nolie's Place With back to school also comes picture day! That one day a year that freezes are little ones in a … [Read more...]

How to Make an After School Routine ~ Homemaker Monday Link Up

When my oldest first started school it was always a gong show when he got home. So about 2 weeks in I decided we really needed to set an after school routine. Our lives have been so much easier since then. Not only do I know what we are doing and how to get everything done before but time but my kids also know what to expect. We all know kids are all about routine.   Kids 6 and Under For younger kids you will really want to stick to a routine. Most kids want a snack when they … [Read more...]

Win a 1 Hour Tarot Card Reading ~ Ottawa Only

A few months ago I met Rose. Rose is a tarot card reader and owner of 11:11 Tarot. I met her through vaping and she had offered to read my cards for me. Being a huge skeptic I decided to pass. 2 months later she offered again. I figured why not, I got nothing to lose. To my surprise, the cards were scarily accurate. A week and a half ago I was offered a part-time retail job. I was going to take it to help pay off the debt we have, but I started to become uneasy about my decision. I would miss … [Read more...]