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This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #CampaignHashtag #CollectiveBiasTwo years ago I shared with you all how I was no longer allowed to get oil changes. For those who didn't read the post the short version is I ended up leaving my jeep behind and purchasing a van. A van was much better for our family. When we have our step-son visiting the jeep just did not hold us all. While the van works great for fitting people it has no … [Read more...]

Pirate Adventures

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Have you ever lived in a city your entire life but drew a blank when people asked you what there was to do in your city? I have, I have lived in Ottawa for 28 out of my 33 years of life. I used to consider it a boring city and I had no idea why people would visit. I then decided I would learn my city through the eyes of a visitor. My family and I would explore Ottawa, Ontario as if we had never been here before. I am now finding so many fun and interesting things to do. Recently I learned … [Read more...]

Sleepy Baby Girl ~ Wordless Wednesday

Sleepy Baby Girl

My baby girl. The only other female in this house besides myself. … [Read more...]

Could you save your child’s life?

Teddy by the pool

It's a real life horror movie in motion for any parent.  Your child is hurt in a potentially fatal accident, your pulse soars, time slows down.  The question is, are you capable of saving your child's life? Being an accident prone Father to an accident prone 3 year old Son, I personally have been in this situation.  Our family was at Calypso water park recently, and being the injured adult, I was left to child duty in the kiddie pool areas with the little guy.  We splashed around in the … [Read more...]

It’s Summer! Let Them Get Dirty #KandooKids

My Soccer Star

Summer and clean are two words that do not go together. Summer is full of playing and having a great time making memories. You don't want to ruin those memories worrying about your kids getting dirty. The last few years we had signed Big Brother up for soccer. He LOVES playing soccer. Soccer is totally not a clean sport. Grass stains and dirty kids rolling in that grass can give a clean freak mom such as myself a headache. Lucky for me I am a #KandooKids Ambassador. We get to spend our … [Read more...]

Our Day at Calypso

Jungle Run

Just like last summer I decided to book all kinds of fun things to do with the kids. Spread them out throughout the summer and then have a summer of making family memories. I am not a water person and the sun hates me. I am either white or red, I do not tan. However, I knew the kids would probably love visiting a waterpark so last weekend we headed to Calypso. Calypso Theme Waterpark Limoges Canada © Copyright 2015 About Calypso Calypso is Canada's biggest theme waterpark. There is water … [Read more...]

Slide With Me Mommy ~ Wordless Wednesday


Last week we decided to have a fun summer evening after we were done our shopping. Ice cream followed by park play. We all had a great time.   … [Read more...]

How To Save On Your Utility Bills ~ Homemaker Monday

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Do you dread opening your utility bill each month? Doesn’t it seem like each month the prices go up? You might wonder if there is really anything you can do to reduce your bill. There are actually several things you can do that will have a positive impact on the amount of your utility bills. Here are 9 tips that should come in handy. Make sure to look at the instructions for your washer. Using the right amount of detergent in each load ensures that your washer will work more efficiently … [Read more...]

Hollywood Studios

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So according to my calendar Thursdays here at Nolie's Place is known as Travel Thursday. However Thursday found me with my sleep scheduled all messed up and so no blog post was done. However better late than never so here is our little bit of sharing our trip to Disney's Hollywood Studios. I was so excited to return to Disney's Hollywood Studios. I had so many fond memories of visiting as a child and again in my early 20's. This time I was getting to enjoy it through the eyes of my … [Read more...]

Marvel Universe Live! Trivia #MarvelUniverseLive

Marvel Universe Live!

I am so exited. On July 31st my family will be attending the opening performance of Marvel Universe Live! in Ottawa. Big Brother has no clue that we are attending the show and it will be a huge surprise. I can not wait to see his excitement when we get there. Will you be going? Are your kids excited? Heck, Are you excited? Let's have some fun and quiz our families with these fun Marvel Universe Trivia questions. Super Heroes (Family Friendly) What is Spider-Man’s real … [Read more...]