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All New Frozen Fever Trailer


I can't hide it. I got the Frozen fever. Worse than my kids. So when the all new Frozen Fever trailer landed in my email today I may have squealed. I can not wait to Frozen Fever. The only way to see it will to see Cinderella in theater which releases March 13th. … [Read more...]

McFarland Review ~ In Theaters February 20th

Disney McFarland

Guest Writer Kirsten Doyle attended the screening of Disneys McFarland and shares who thoughts on the movie with us. What happens when you put a disgraced high school football coach into a town that is materially poor but rich in community spirit? Jim White (Kevin Costner) arrives in the small impoverished town of McFarland after his … [Read more...]

5 Crazy Facts About Snow

5 Crazy Facts About Snow

I live in Canada. Do you know what that means? We have 2 seasons, snow and construction. They also tend to blend into one another making it difficult to tell exactly what season it is. It is the middle of February and I am sick of the snow. Since I am surrounded by it I decided a blog post on 5 crazy facts about snow would be something fun to … [Read more...]

3 Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Grocery Budget ~ Homemaker Monday

3 Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Grocery Budget

Twice a year I like to look over our spending habits and tweak our budget. While I can not do anything about our fixed expenses (utilities, rent, car payment), there is always play room and pennies to save in our variable expenses (gas for cars, presents, non essential household bills). On a future date I will share how we found hundreds of … [Read more...]

3rd Annual Wedding Extravaganza Giveaway Event

​Being a newlywed who just got married in May I can tell you weddings are not cheap. I am sure that news does not come as a surprise to you. Every loves a wedding though and as the happy couple we can all appreciate a little help with the big day. Well that help is here and you have a chance to win some really awesome prizes in honour of your big … [Read more...]

Family Day Activities in Ottawa

5 Family Day Activities in Ottawa

Family Day is seriously just around the corner. Monday February 16th is the date this year. I don't know where time went as I did not think it was this late in 2015 already. So off I went on a mad rush to find things to do in Ottawa for Family Day this year. Hopefully these 5 family day in Ottawa activities will also help you out as well if you … [Read more...]

New Cinderella Trailer


I am so excited for Disney's new live action film Cinderella to come to a theater near me. I get giddy every time another piece of news around the film lands in my inbox. Cinderella was one of my favourite movies as a child and I can not wait to see what is looking to be an amazing spin off of a classic childhood movie. Cinderella … [Read more...]

5 Frugal Valentine’s Day Dates

5 Frugal Valentine's Day Dates

Everyone likes to celebrate Valentine’s Day in some way, but not everyone enjoys spending a lot of money, and let’s face it, Valentine’s Day can be expensive. Try out some of these ideas that won’t cost an arm and a leg and have some fun this year! All of these ideas can also be altered to have children participate as well. Candle light … [Read more...]

3 Tips To Getting Ready for Spring Cleaning ~ Homemaker Monday

3 Tips To Get Ready For Spring Cleaning

This post was originally published February 2013. However after an eventful week-end I just did not have the energy to blog. New linky though so please link up and leave some comment love. Spring is going to be here before you know it! That means it will be time to do the dreaded Spring Cleaning. But this year, let's mix things up a bit. … [Read more...]

Big Brother Talks Valentine’s Day Thanks To OneDay App ~ Visa #Giveaway

OneDay Instant Movie Maker Thumbnail

I was recently selected to review a new app called One Day. At first I wasn't sure what it was but once I learned all about it I was excited to have this app find a permanent home on my phone. One Day is a way to not only capture memories and moments in time with your kids but is also a way to spur discussions with them as well. For review … [Read more...]