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4 Pokémon GO Tips

Last week I share my thoughts and tips for staying safe with Pokémon GO. After playing for a month now I am going to share my favourite tips and tricks that I have learned and used in my quest to catch them all.

4 Easy Pokemon Go Tips to Catch Them All

Eevee Evolution Trick

When Pokémon GO first came out there were rumors going around that you could control your Eevee evolution. Some say it worked some say it didn’t. However at San Diego Comic Con Niantic CEO John Hanke verified that this was, in fact, a hidden easter egg within the game. The catch… it only works once per name, after that it is always going to be random.

Pokémon GO Eevee Evolution Trick

So how does it work? Go into your Pokémon list and select the Eevee you want to evolve. Then change its name based on what you want the Eevee to evolve into according to the following;

To evolve a Flareon: Change Eevee’s name to Pyro
To evolve a Vaporen: Change Eevee’s name to Rainer
To evolve a Jolteon: Change Eevee’s name to Sparky

*Please note that the server is only synced with your phone roughly once every 60 seconds. After renaming your Eevee exit the game and then boot it up again to make sure the name change went through before you do your evolution*

Lucky Egg Mass Evolve

Notice those lucky eggs you get when you level that give you double experience? The eager beaver may use them as soon as they get them. DON’T. To get the most use out of your lucky egg save them until you are ready to evolve a bunch of Pokémon AKA mass evolve. Your best best is to keep catching all those pesky caterpies, pidgeys, and rattatas. Then once you have enough of them AND enough candy to evolve a crap ton of them that is when you use that lucky egg. Each evolution is 500xp so the lucky egg makes it 1000xp per evolution.

Maxmize your lucky egg in Pokemon Go with PidgeyCalc.

How do you know if you have all the characters and candy you need to maximize that lucky egg? I use a site called PidgeyCalc. I can enter in all my Pokémon and their candy to find out how many to evolve and if I have enough to maximize my lucky egg. If I don’t have enough PidgeyCalc will let me know how many more I need before using my lucky egg.

Don’t Waste Stardust

Stardust is the currency you need to power up your Pokémon. Though it may seem like you have a lot it takes a lot of stardust per power up as your Pokémon gets stronger. That stardust can disappear quickly and you are left waiting to get more. You can not buy it or find it at a Pokéstop. You only get it from defending gyms or catching Pokémon. You don’t want to find yourself with an awesome Pokémon and no stardust to level him.

Capture The Hard To Catch Pokémon

Sometimes Pokémon don’t like to stay in the ball. It can get aggravating and you may want to give up. There are tools to help you catch them.

  1. Turn off AR. Not only is AR a battery killer it also makes it harder to aim for the Pokémon. If you turn it off you don’t need to aim your phone and keep it still to catch them. The Pokémon will stay in the middle of your screen no matter which way you are facing.
  2. Use a razzberry. You get them from Pokéstops and they increase the chance of the Pokémon staying inside the ball.
  3. Use higher balls. As you level up you get access to great balls and ultra balls. These will help capture the hard to catch Pokémon.


Catching Pokemon Ring

Also, note the colour of the target area around the Pokémon when you hold down on the Pokéball. Green means easy to catch, is more difficult and red means difficult so get ready to waste quite a few Pokéballs to get the catch. The target area will change colour as you change the type of Pokéball you use. So a Pokémon that has a red ring with a regular Pokéball could have a green ring when using an ultra ball.

I hope these 3 tips help you getting out there and playing Pokémon GO. It is a great way to get out there as a family and explore your own cities while having a little fun. Nothing beats trying to “Catch Em All”.

Have you checked out Pokémon GO yet? What was your favourite catch? Any tips or tricks you have learned?

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Pokémon GO Invades Planet Earth

Never have I ever given any thought to the amount of data in my cell phone plan. It was something I had but never came close to using it all. I was rarely off of Wi-Fi. Then one day I wake up and hear about this thing called Pokémon GO. If you have not heard of Pokémon GO yet you must be living under a rock as it seems to have taken over the entire planet.

My thoughts and our family safety rules on the latest craze to hit planet earth known as Pokémon GO.

What is Pokémon GO?

Pokémon GO is an app based off of the ever-popular Pokémon that any 90’s kid and many kids since have fallen in love with, played the game with friends and read the hundreds of books that came out based on our favourite Pokémon characters.

The basis of Pokémon GO is to get up, get out and explore to capture as many Pokémon as you can. Will you catch them all?

Common Pokémon GO Questions and Concerns

Pokémon GO Data Usage
I was very worried that with both Tobei and I playing that we would quickly kiss our included date goodbye. However, the data usage of Pokémon GO is minimal. We actually use more data browsing Facebook than we do playing Pokémon GO. I have even used my phone as a hotspot so that Big Brother can play as well and in my 10 days of playing I have not even used half a gig of my data. That even includes the day I spent 9 hours playing.

Pokémon GO Privacy

There was a ton of privacy concerns regarding giving Pokémon GO access to your google account when it first released. However even before it was officially released in Canada Niantic had fixed those issues and no longer receive access to everything in your google account. If you are still crazy concerned then make another google account just for Pokémon GO.

Pokémon GO Safety

There have been quite a few news reports regarding the safety of trainers while playing Pokémon GO. I am sorry but ALL of those articles are because the person in question lacked common sense. See our rules for playing Pokémon GO below.

Our Family Pokémon GO Rules

Many of these rules are seriously common sense but I have noticed common sense goes out the window when people are fully engrossed in their games.

  1. Do not drive and Pokémon GO. I have my phone on so that I get to work on catching my eggs when in slow areas or parking lots, however, I have the phone faced AWAY from me and volume down so I can not hear or see whatever I may or may not be missing in the game. Getting home alive is my number 1 priority.
  2. Do not Pokémon GO and walk. Seriously.. people are walking intro traffic, tripping over stuff etc. If you have vibrate turned on (find in game settings) your phone will vibrate to tell you a Pokémon is near. Stop walking, move to the side so others can walk by and THEN check your phone. Use this same method for catching the Pokémon. You do not need to walk and throw the Pokéball to catch them
  3. Do NOT go out alone at night. I don’t care how big and bad you are. Travel in pairs at the very least and always stay to well lit areas. That Pokémon down that dark alley is just not worth it.
  4. If it comes with you, it leaves with you. Many of the major Pokémon GO spots I visit can have upwards of 100 people at it at a time. Some people like to bring snacks but then leave their garbage behind. Always make sure to clean up after yourself and leave the area enjoyable for everyone else.

If you use common sense and have some rules for your children Pokémon GO can be a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Pokémon GO Review

Pokémon GO Trainer NoliesPlace

As you can tell from my Trainer photo taken tonight from this post I am very much enjoying playing Pokémon GO. I hit level 20 on the 25th and sadly have not been able to get out and play since due to my husbands work schedule. However he is about to be off for 5 days and you can bet we will be out playing as much as possible.

Pokémon GO is free to play however you can purchase Pokécoins to use for various upgrades or extra supplies. You can also collect Pokécoins from winning gyms however where I live no one ever holds a gym longer than an hour so I did buy some coins last night to purchase some incubators so I can deal with all the eggs I have waiting to hatch.

As I mentioned above Pokémon GO does not use a ton of data. I am nowhere near going over my data for the month. Just keep an eye on it and make sure you always turn your Wifi on when you get back home. Tobei made the mistake of forgetting to turn on wifi once this month and thanks to YouTube has reached his data cap for the month.

While there are the haters out there I find Pokémon GO has been a great excuse for our family to get out of the house. We are getting exercise, fresh air and discovering new places around our city that I never even knew about even though I have lived here all my life.

So what are you waiting for? Go download it today from Google Play or the App Store and chase down those Pokémon.

Stay tuned for my Pokémon GO tips post coming later this week.

*No I was not asked or offered anything to write this post. I am just a Pokémon GO Trainer who loves the game and wanted to share it with all of you.*